New Year, New Fantasy Podcasts!

New Year, New Fantasy Podcasts!

It’s a new year and a great time to add some local podcasts to your rotation! I am really pleased to announce that my friend Bennett Bottero and I have teamed up with VStheUNIVERSE as a part of their growing podcast network. Bennett and I  have been working toward a dream of doing a Disney-centric podcast for a very long time and are super excited to have been welcomed by VStheUNIVERSE, once again proving that dreams do come true.

I want to introduce you to two great, new podcasts on their network:

Fairest in the Land & The Co-Operatives Podcast

Fairest in the Land

Created and performed by Kate the Mermaid (me) and Bennett the Beast, this podcast explores all things Disney from criticism to review to plain old fun. Bennett and I have been long time friends and lovers of Disney. We have been working to create the kind of podcast that is fun for adults, but still appropriate for long car drives with the kids. I have an extensive background in playing Disney characters from the stage to meet n’ greets and was introduced to Disney as a little babe. Bennett discovered his love for Disney when he began to learn the music, and this love flourished into a full-fledged passion.

The premise of Fairest in the Land is simple: Bennett the Beast and Kate the Mermaid have been cursed by an evil witch to live a life of critique and radio performance until they can prove themselves worthy enough to become the shining stars that they desire to be. If they can learn to judge, and be judged in return, the spell will be broken and they will achieve their place in the shimmering night sky.

There are three current episodes available for Fairest in the Land, our latest being a riveting review of Disney’s Moana- a film that I absolutely adored. You can find us on iTunes, Facebook and Twitter or by visiting our site Fairest in the Land.

If you like what you hear, please follow us, recommend us to a friend, or write us an iTunes review. Also, bear with us- we are new to this world, learning, and working hard to make this into something magical that we hope brings you new ideas, critical thinking, and happiness.

If there is a topic you’d like to hear about, please let me know or email me at We would LOVE to give you the kind of content you want.

The Co-operatives Podcast


Real-life human couple Liz and Aaron (one of the creators of VStheUNIVERSE) dissect co-cop games and discuss them in podcast form. This podcast is a glimpse at playing together in life and love. If you like gaming, relationships, or relationships in gaming then this is the podcast for you! Liz and Aaron are absolutely hysterical and charming and they’ll make you want to grab your lover (wherever you please) and play some intriguing games together.

Their most recent episode, Pandemic: Legacy chronicles a game that took Liz and Aaron a FULL YEAR to play. I think we have all been there for those absurdly lengthy games that may or may not end up being worth it in the end. They have also reviewed LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens and have given some solid advice in their 2016 Holiday Survival Guide episode.

You can find The Co-Operatives Podcast on iTunes, Facebook and Twitter.

Make it a great 2017 with these two local podcasts, and many, many more. Goodness knows those Chicago winter commutes can be torturous and these make for some fun and active listening.

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