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Fanning The Flames Since 1978 endorses LeAlan Jones for U.S. Congress

Fanning The Flames Since 1978 endorses LeAlan Jones for U.S. Congress
More of the same or something different is what the voters in the 2nd Congressional District will have to choose from when they step into the voting booth tomorrow. For historical purposes, let’s talk about what more of the same has done. The past three congressmen (Gus Savage, Mel Reynolds, and Jesse Jackson Jr) have... Read more »

The Media Isn't Shooting People

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The media has a bad rap. Some say that the perception well deserved. As someone who works in the media, I often find myself defending my colleagues in debates with friends and friends of friends. When I read what people say about the media, the excuses I hear sound like broken records. The media perpetuates... Read more »

A list of Fanning the Flames since 1978's favorite articles of 2012

This is a list of my favorite articles I have read this year. Click on the links to see you if agree or not. The David Koschman Case, Chicago Sun-Times by Tim Novak, Chris Fusco and Carol Marin I thought that the investigative reporting staff at the Sun-Times did an excellent job bringing the particulars... Read more »

Barber Shop Show Ep 61: Chicago's Ward Remapping Saga + January Shop Talk

So I did my first radio show last friday. I had a good time and I am greatful to gain the experience. The show was at  Carter’s Barber Shop in  North Lawndale. The Barber Shop Show is a weekly dose of real talk, straight from the shop floor. No punches are pulled and no topic... Read more »