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Dear white people, please stop calling me Rick Ross

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BLOGGER’S NOTE: Shout out to the people who had the courage to come up with the idea for the movie, “Dear White People.” A few weeks ago, I was on my way to work when someone looked at me and yelled “Hey! What’s up Rick Ross?” That instance happens more than I care to admit.... Read more »

Adventures in conclusion jumping, Part 5: Charter schools and their stats

BLOGGER’S NOTE: This post is the fifth in a six-part series on why people make judgments based on limited information. Here are the first four: “Adventures in conclusion jumping, Part 1,” “Adventures in conclusion jumping,Part 2: Police shootings,” “Adventures in conclusion jumping, Part 3: Game of Thrones,” and “Adventures in conclusion jumping, Part 4: George... Read more »

The seven people to stay away from in 2014

Here is the list of the type of folks I have encountered this year. This list can also be used as a guide for people to stay away from in 2014. If this list bothers you, then you might be one of these people.Admittedly, I’ve been a few of these people.  At least I can... Read more »

Affluenza doesn't work for us normal folk

                                                                         (Courtesy of the Associated Press) Affluent or ‘connected’ people getting their way and influencing court cases is an old story. Our former mayor may have done something similar regarding the David Koschman case in which his nephew is involved in. Having said that, why does this case involving a 16 year-old kid from an... Read more »

Chicago Violence: White Liberals Late To The Party

Chicago Violence: White Liberals Late To The Party
The people in the neighborhoods of Englewood, South Shore, Chatham, and Auburn Gresham among others in the city, have been begging for help for decades. Long before White liberals decided that something is wrong with the city. These people continue to be ignored because of race and lack of political clout. Things started to turn... Read more »

Hypocrites Run Amuck In The African American Clergy Coalition

You might have noticed a lot of stupid people said a lot of stupid things last week. Racism,homophobia,sexism,cognative dissonance,etc. It was all there for you. Today, I’m going after the sacred cow in the black community: The church. The church is a big part of African-American history. During segregation, the church operated as the only... Read more »

Recapping Last Week's Orgy Of Lazy Journalism

Recapping Last Week's Orgy Of Lazy Journalism
  This is a quick rant. I had to get this off my chest. Journalism took a hit last week. Whether it was CNN,New York Post, Fox News or MSNBC, all became willing participants in an orgy of misinformation. These days in journalism, it seems like almost all news outlets are in a rush to... Read more »

The original and current victims of gun control

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Blogger’s Note:People on both sides of the gun control debate has used the school shootings in Connecticut further their claims.Just like Adam Lanza and anyone else who uses to gun for malicious intent, they have no use for stats. They couldn’t care less about opinions polls,straw polls, or gun laws. “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary... Read more »

Stop saying "This isn’t supposed to happen here"

When a tragedy happens like a mass shooting why is the first person  the media interviews always says “This isn’t supposed to happen here!” A follow up question to that person should have been “If not here then where is it supposed to happen?” It really bothers me when people use that phrase. After the... Read more »

It's too late to get mad about outsourcing

For all of you who were outraged that Ralph Lauren made uniforms for the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics that were made in China I have to let you in on little secret. That iPhone you have or that a flat screen TV or better yet that piece of “American muscle” you call a... Read more »