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Things that have been said to me in my time as a bouncer

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From 2005-2011, I worked in the bar industry. I was a bouncer, doorguy, and an asshole on a power trip, whatever you want to call it. I can’t change your mind about how you may feel about people like me. Hell, I won’t even try.  During my years of being a doorguy, I have had... Read more »

My response to the one-sided assault of night club door staff by people who do not know any better

Last week I read an article from Red Eye special contributor Grant Yanney explaining his experiences with nightclub security. The article is called Where’s the love at these clubs? As someone did this job for roughly 6-7 years, I can tell you the Mr. Yanney’s assessment was completely one-sided and uneducated.  I know that a... Read more »