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Adventures in conclusion jumping, Part 6: Throwback Edition

BLOGGER’S NOTE: This post is the final in a six-part series on why people make judgments based on limited information. Here are the first five: “Adventures in conclusion jumping, Part 1,” “Adventures in conclusion jumping,Part 2: Police shootings,” “Adventures in conclusion jumping, Part 3: Game of Thrones,” “Adventures in conclusion jumping, Part 4: George Zimmerman’s... Read more »

Fanning the Flames since 1978 endorses Gary Johnson for president

Michigan v. Ohio State. Yankees v. Red Sox, White Sox v. Cubs, and Democrats v. Republicans. Those are all some pretty intense rivalries. No matter what either side says, neither one of those groups will never come to a consensus on anything.  That is something that the American people can no longer stand for. Voter... Read more »

The occupy movement and Obama '12 are not one in the same

Last week I saw a car with two bumper stickers on it. One had a bumper sticker that said Obama 2012 on one side and we are the 99% on the other. Upon seeing this, I said to myself: Don’t these people know that those two different ideologies?? According to the folks at Occupy Chicago... Read more »

UC Davis Pepper Spraying: a Symbolic Response to Occupy Wall Street

UC Davis Pepper Spraying: a Symbolic Response to Occupy Wall Street
Guest Author: Reginald Nievera The recent events that occurred on the UC Davis campus are tragic and outright appalling.  If you haven’t heard, campus police at the University of California-Davis decided to pepper spray a group of students for their participation in an Occupy Wall Street peaceful protest demonstration.  Amidst public outcry, two of the... Read more »