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Dear white people, please stop calling me Rick Ross

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BLOGGER’S NOTE: Shout out to the people who had the courage to come up with the idea for the movie, “Dear White People.” A few weeks ago, I was on my way to work when someone looked at me and yelled “Hey! What’s up Rick Ross?” That instance happens more than I care to admit.... Read more »

Please watch Super Bowl XLVIII with an open mind

People all over the world will watch Super Bowl XLVIII for different reasons. Some are fans of the team participating. Some want to see the commercials. Some are looking for a potential mate. Ultimately, everyone watching will see the world’s most violent and entertaining sport. Football is the closest thing we have to gladiators of... Read more »

The seven people to stay away from in 2014

Here is the list of the type of folks I have encountered this year. This list can also be used as a guide for people to stay away from in 2014. If this list bothers you, then you might be one of these people.Admittedly, I’ve been a few of these people.  At least I can... Read more »

Ray Lewis: Atlanta mega-church pastor slick or leader of men

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The night the Baltimore Ravens beat the New England Patriots, I tuned into my favorite sports talk radio station. I heard the host at the time say that he was sick of the Ray Lewis thing. One person called in to ask why the host did not like Lewis. He said that because he was... Read more »

Is the Rooney Rule hurting the coaches it was created to help?

Is the Rooney Rule hurting the coaches it was created to help?
Despite winning ten games for the Chicago Bears, Lovie Smith was shut out of seven coaching job available to him in the NFL. Bob Babich (former Bears Defensive Coordinator, who later demoted to linebacker coach) just got the defensive coordinator’s job with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Smith interviewed for the Arizona, Philly, and the Buffalo job.... Read more »

When will Dez Bryant take some personal responsibility for his actions?

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant recently found himself on the wrong side of the law again. Bryant was arrested on a domestic violence charge for allegedly hitting his mother, Angela Bryant. She did not press charges. In response to the latest incident, Jerry Jones, the team’s owner gave Bryant an ultimatum with a list... Read more »

The Lord giveth...John Elway taketh away

@johnelway hey elway FUCK YOU. liar. Blind asshole. See the potential in tim. – A tweet sent to John Elway’s twitter account. That tweet lets you know how far gone the Tebowmaniacs are. John Elway has now gotten the treatment that the rest of us got because we dared to speak against the Christ-like figure... Read more »

The Perception of the Black Athlete

Anyone that knows me can guess that I am an avid sports fan. There has always been a love/hate relationship with the Black Athlete and how they are perceived. Even before Jackie Robinson and up until now with Lebron James. Is there a double standard in pro sports?? Hell Yeah!! No doubt! But ultimately it... Read more »