Breaking news:Change is the new black

The world is changing.

Whether we like it or not, things aren’t what they used to be.

People should be able to describe themselves however they like.

Some will say the world isn’t ready for a prominent transgender person having a lead role on a television show no more than they are ready for an openly gay football player. 

Recently, NFL Draft prospect Michael Sam announced that he is a gay man.  Soon after the announcement, many current and former professional athletes said they would not have a problem with a gay teammate. Predictably, some do. Even Sam’s own father told a media outlet that he would have a problem with a gay player in the NFL.

Social media giant Facebook recently expanded its gender options to include transgender people for their users.

The people who advocate for the rights of transgender people were excited that Facebook decided to do this. GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis was one of them.

"This new feature is a step forward in recognizing transgender people and allows them to tell their authentic story in their own words," Ellis said in a press release issued by GLAAD. "Once again, Facebook is on the forefront of ensuring that the platform is safe and accessible to all of its LGBT users."

Many of the pundits on Fox News channel chaffed at such an idea. One of them insinuated that Facebook was trying to rewrite what is said in the Bible.

“In the beginning God made man and woman — but Facebook decided to improve on the original models,” Fox News pundit Todd Starnes wrote on his Facebook page.

Instead of seeing the changes as a way to include more people, Starnes saw it as an attack on Christian values.

If anything, Fox News is consistent.

In times of change, the people who spend more time trying to resist change, are often the last to find out.

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