The seven people to stay away from in 2014

Here is the list of the type of folks I have encountered this year. This list can also be used as a guide for people to stay away from in 2014.

If this list bothers you, then you might be one of these people.Admittedly, I’ve been a few of these people.  At least I can do a self-check and see the error of my ways.

The list:

The Internet Troll- People in the blogging community along with online news services knows this person all too well. This person will spend most of your time arguing with you about a subject that they have zero interest in learning something new about. Their goal is to get you agitated akin to Chicago Blackhawks winger Andrew Shaw. Why can’t these people just disagree and move on with their day??

The repeat argument guy – We know how you feel already. I’m not going to change my mind and neither will you. Why bring up something we both already know?

The possibly racist friend – This person is the most disappointing of the bunch. People around you sees right through them but you are willing to give them a chance. This person will say something racially-tinged and think it is okay because they have, in my case, had a black friend. Guess what? It was still offensive.

The person who lies about their life on social media – This person should be given an Academy Award. Why not? They do just as good an acting job as any other actor/actress. The sad part is that you have personal knowledge of their lives so you know what they say online is bull---t.

The person recently infected with disease – This is the person who recently found out about a particular subject and claim to have more knowledge that the people who’ve been experts in the field for years. These folks are readily identified.

The commenter who uses race as a putdown- This person will go back and forth with you until, in their minds, they drop the ‘race’ hammer. They only say it when they have nothing else left to say. As soon as they realize that you won’t back down from the stance, they apply to the lowest common denominator.

The Meathead Chicago Sports Fan – This person usually hates Jay Cutler for no good reason. He/She staunchly defends Josh McCown despite the numbers. This person most likely has an avatar of themselves dry-humping the Stanley Cup. They also believe that hockey players are somewhat tougher than basketball players despite the fact they have never played either sport.

Dishonorable mention:

The chronic complainer- This person will ramble on about a topic but refuses to offer a solution to rectify the problem (e.g. The media). Then a few days later, they’ll bring the same thing up. A comment that a friend made this morning comes to mind. “Criticism without accompanying solution should always fall on deaf ears.”

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