Lay Off The 'Scandal' Fans

Lay Off The 'Scandal' Fans

Full disclosure: I watch my fair share of guilty pleasure television.

Maury, Cheaters, Larrymania, Rediculousness, Wipeout.

Go ahead, judge me based on my viewership habits. Based on those, you may think I'm a shallow, male chauvinist. Just know,you're wrong.

Two weeks ago, the talk in social media was about the series finale of "Breaking Bad."

Last Thursday night, the talk in social media centered around the season premier of "Scandal."

Like most things that are universally loved, someone has to tell everyone they know about a show they have never seen. They want to tell the world how much they think the show sucks. Those people sounds like hipsters. Trust me I know a hipster when I see one. They live to make other people mad. They thrive off of controversy. Internet trolling is what they like to do. Before you know it, you've spent a good chuck of your day arguing with them.

People feel some kind of way about the TV show "Scandal."

Why do people go out of their way to dislike someone else's viewership habits??

These folks think they are smarter than everyone else. Nobody likes a smug prick. This type of behavior makes you wonder about someone who goes out of their way to pick on someone else based on the television shows they watch. Either they need a Snickers or they ought to find a hobby.

Personally, I don't care what someone wants to watch on TV. Why should I spend one second of my time admonishing someone for what they choose to watch.

If someone wants to watch Scandal, go right ahead. I won't be watching it with you but I respect someone's right to watch it.

I wonder how those people would feel if someone would throw a bitchfit every Sunday during football games. They wouldn't like it one bit.

The only thing about TV and social media that bothers me is the spoiler alerts. I found out about The Red Wedding(Game of Thrones), Opie being killed(Sons of Anarchy) and Eddie dying(Boardwalk Empire) all from social media spoiler alerts. I watch these shows online later in the night because of work. I guess I have to learn to stay off of social media when these shows are on.

Remember Scandal haters, the shows you watch, someone out there thinks they aren't as good as you make them out to be.

I remember tweeting about it at the time:



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