The Reasons Men Stay Single


Regarding the previous post “The Things That Keep A Woman Single:”

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I even found someone who changed the name of the blog to make the blog sound inflammatory. At the heart of it all, my friend who wrote the 10 and I should have been a little more clear about why the list was created. We wanted to get to the root of why all of these women are single. Is it the behavior of the women that keeps them single? Or is it the men they date? From the comments I’ve read, the men are in agreement that the women are at fault. The ladies on the other hand, responded to the blog with mixed reviews. Some say that we shouldn’t have written the blog in the first place due to the fact we’re two men talking about women. For the record, I personally disagreed with the one about the big girls. The blog post was written at the request of women. That is all in the past now. Like most people, I have learned from my mistakes. Thanks for reading.

Now it is time to look the role the men have played in this epidemic. Some may not want to hear this but it has to be said. I can’t go in on the women like I did and not go after some of the men who are complicit.

These days, men who are single, gainfully employed, no kids, not gay and have their own car and home or rent an apartment are a commodity. Some them of are aware of it. Some of them also know that they can cherry-pick the multitude of single women. That mentality has gotten a lot of men in trouble.

Dave Chappelle once said this about how men and women view sex differently:

If p---y was a stock, it would be plummeting right now because you've flooded the market with it. You're giving it away too easy.

I'm just... being truthful.

I'm just talking.

It would plummet!

We'd be watching the news.

Today, p---y plummeted again on the NASDAQ.

Gold is up ten points.

Here are my reasons for why some men are completely undateable to single women:

Bruh, You Gotta Leave Mom’s House at Some Point

I know, I’ve been there myself. Fellas, if you are going to get to know a woman, you got be straight with her about your living situation. Is it the economy? A sick family member you take care of? Or you love mom’s cooking? Or you are absolutely afraid of paying rent. Let her know. She will appreciate you being upfront with her.

Tell Her What ‘This’ Is

I’m not sure why some men are surprised when a woman asks what the parameters of their dealings with each other consist of. When it comes to this stuff, women can turn into the best investigative journalists around. They want to know if ‘this’ is just sex or if it will lead to something. Communicate with the ladies. You never know. She may just want something casual. Also, stop making unrealistic promises you have no intention of keeping.

Unresolved Issues With a Previous Relationship

The loose ends have to be tied up before you step into something else with another woman. No woman wants to go up against whatever happened with your ex. It’s not a good idea to take it out on the new girl.

Wear a Rubber

This one is the most obvious on the list. You may not want kids at this point. Don’t be Shawty Lo or the Pharaoh Ramses. Use protection. After all, it is cost prohibitive.

Don’t Let a Women Think That You Might Be Gay

I wrote a blog two years ago called “When did it become cool to be a sissy?” Of course, the gay community called me homophobic and such. I wasn’t attacking gay men; I was saying that women have a hard time figuring out a man’s sexuality these days.  Ironically, the ladies gave me the most approval of the blog. In closing, stop wearing skinny jeans!!

Just Because Your Homeboy Is a Player Doesn't Mean You Can Be

We all know a man like this. The player. To say that he can multitask is an understatement. Some men aren’t built that way. They can do it. Not you. Be yourself. Stick to what you know. Stop fronting!

Stop Being a Momma's Boy

No woman wants to compete with moms for your attention. As soon as a woman determines that you have an unnatural relationship with your mother, she will find someone else who doesn’t.

Bring Chivalry Back

Opening doors, walking on the street side along with other signs of chivalry isn’t a punk move. If a woman thinks that it is weird, she has probably dated a man who was not raised properly. If you’ve had a Quarter Pounder for most of your life, Filet Mignon can be little intimidating.

Oral Sex

I won’t spend much time on this one. As one of the homies aptly said to his Facebook friends, “Eat that muffin.”

Talking About Your Feelings Is Okay

Your wife or girlfriend doesn’t have telepathic powers. She’s not Sookie Stackhouse. She can’t read your mind. As men, most of us don’t talk about our feelings much. Establishing dialogue can go a long way.

The Career or Lack Thereof

All the women I know are career minded. You should be too. Have a plan on what it is you want to do with your life. That’s only fair.

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