Hypocrites Run Amuck In The African American Clergy Coalition

You might have noticed a lot of stupid people said a lot of stupid things last week.

Racism,homophobia,sexism,cognative dissonance,etc. It was all there for you.

Today, I'm going after the sacred cow in the black community: The church.

The church is a big part of African-American history. During segregation, the church operated as the only place other than the home where black people in large groups could congregate. It's where the civil rights movement started. Pretty much everything black people wanted to do, it happened at the church.

In recent years, the African- American church has flexed its political muscle by getting involved in the gay rights debate. So much so, that a group was formed to stop any legislation regarding gay rights.This group appears to be the black version of the Westboro Baptist Church.

The African American Clergy Coalition openly opposes any form of rights for gay people.

These days, some of the African -American church leaders are the biggest hypocrites around. I'll never understand why someone would fight for the rights for black people while willfully and proactively denying the rights of others.

Why speak out on gay marriage when they have nothing to say when some of their colleagues rip people off on a weekly basis and call it Prosperity Gospel??

I often have these debates with friends about gay rights. Some think it is a sin. One of my friends said it was a mental illness. They also say it is "God's law." It seems like some people treat the bible like a Hardy Boys book citing some parts of the book while completely ignoring others.

I don't understand how these people talk about love on Sunday and hate for the rest of the week? Don't they realize that the world is passing them by? One of the members of the group, Rev. James Meeks the former state senator that tried to enroll kids from the south side into New Trier High School some years ago. Remember Meeks' failed mayoral run?

No one is asking them to march in the Pride Parade or wave a rainbow flag. All these people want is the same things that everyone else wants, to be treated as equals. Sound familiar??

These people should no longer be considered as leaders in the community. They don't speak for everyone. I’d argue they don’t even speak for most black people. Just for their congregations.

I thought that church and state were supposed to be separate? I guess not.

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