The City That Works...For The Least Among Us

The City That Works...For The Least Among Us

The pussification of western civilization continues. You might remember last summer when a Chicago Police officer was involved in a scuffle with a pregnant woman in a Walgreen’s parking lot. The incident involved the women getting tasered by the officer. You also might remember that I wrote a blog about it.  Last Saturday, it was announced that Tiffany Rent had reached a settlement with the city in upwards of $55,000. Guess what folks, if you live in the city, you just paid for this foolishness!  I really don’t understand why Rent was rewarded for ignorant and uncivilized behavior.  She is probably going to blow the money on the following things:

  • Lace fronts
  • Flaming hots
  • Red Box movie rentals
  • Rims

This is a sad day for the people who truly need those handicapped parking spaces. As someone who has a disabled parent, I have seen my fair share of negative reactions of people like Rent who are too lazy to find another parking space. Trust me, when I called out someone who parked in the handicapped space who wasn’t supposed to, they read me the “F—k you N---a” riot act. That doesn’t sound like someone who is rational does it?

After recent events in the city such as the Ford City melee and dozens of unsupervised teens running amuck on the magnificent mile, giving that woman some money for exhibiting the same behavior we have seen in our streets sets a dangerous precedent. This situation says we have thrown our hands up in the air. The inmates are running the asylum.

If you are reading and co-sign this type of behavior, just you are just as dumb as Rent was (and still is). What kind of lesson does this teach people? That they can get away with whatever they want and elude any form of personal responsibility. The worst part about this whole situation is that no one in the Rent family has yet  to admit some form wrong doing. These people are oblivious to their foolishness.

Let’s be real here, Rent deserved to get tasered. She didn’t claim that she was pregnant until after the police officer started to give her what she clearly deserved. Parking in a handicapped parking space so that her boyfriend can run into store, rips up a ticket and tries to drive away??Hell yeah you should get whatever is coming your way.

I am pretty sure the money Rent just came into is going to help her and her family. As far as I am concerned, she already got some help on the day she decided to something completely stupid.

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