Jesse Jr and Sandi Jackson indicted during Black History Month

Jesse Jr and Sandi Jackson indicted during Black History Month

Every time I am in South Shore to visit friends and family, I drive by the corner of 71st and Yates where the joint office of former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr and his wife Sandi, former 7th ward alderman were located.  When I see the building still plastered with campaign signs, I turn my nose up in disgust. The people in my birthplace district have been abused long enough. In other wards in the city, when an alderman is not doing the job, the voters will find another place for that person to be.

Doesn’t anyone think that it is ironic that Jesse Jr and his wife Sandi were indicted during Black History Month? I bet that the people who put the Jacksons in place have to be kicking themselves.  President Obama was in town speaking about gun violence in the very same congressional district that the Jacksons may have done their dirt in. This is quite the fall for someone that was once the rising star in the Democratic Party.

For the record, I take no joy in this.  Remember what former Major League Baseball Commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti said when he banned Pete Rose from baseball. He described Rose’s actions as ‘a sad end of a sorry episode.’ The same can be said for this situation in particular.

I am not going to go to into details about what they did. You already know.

Please read both indictments. Especially the indictment for Sandi. It says she is a resident of the District of Columbia. I thought she was an alderman in Chicago. Joke’s on us I guess. The man spent several thousand dollars in memorablia from Bruce Lee, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X and Michael Jackson. All with campaign funds.

Jesse Jr spent $5000 dollars on cape and a parka. What did he need a cape for?? He’s not part of the Justice League.

I cannot think of two people who abused the trust of their constituents more than these two.  When I heard about the indictment, I wanted to see a perp walk for both of the Jacksons down 71st street. Some may say that is a little harsh but the people in the 2nd Congressional district are better off. Let’s hope that the new congressman won’t be same as the old boss.

After Sandi resigned, she wanted one of her staffers to take her place. One of the media outlets in town found out that the person she wanted to replace her did not live in the ward. That goes to show you the arrogance these people have. They want to lull us into a false sense of trust while they run amuck like teenagers at Great America.

I remember a couple months ago, I wrote a blog about the troubled congressman. Supporters were quick to build a defense to prove me wrong. I wonder what they have to say right now.

In Chicago, blaming Republicans for everything is a spectators sport. How can that be when everything else here in the city is ran by Democrats. The 2nd Congressional District hasn’t had a Republican represent them since 1953. So it’s obvious who is to blame for the woes.

Why is it in our community we have to put up with this foolishness?

When the subject of corruption is brought up, the tired and predictable excuse is used: White people have been doing this for years.

That does not make it any better. Black politicians should be held to the same standards as anyone else. I have learned one thing over the past three years after watching our politicians, one after the other, go to jail: These people can lie, cheat and steal just as well as anyone else.

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