Attack ads in the 2nd Congressional distrist race distracts voters from what's really important

Attack ads in the 2nd Congressional distrist race distracts voters from what's really important

A lot of Democrats seem to complain about Republicans for some of the same stuff they do themselves. After the last election cycle, you would  think that the liberals would learn from the epic beating the Republicans took. Wishful thinking on my part I’m sure.

I’m from South Shore. That’s within the boundaries of 2nd Congressional District.  Like I said in my last blog, I still have friends and family in the district. I still keep a close eye on what’s going on over there. Every time I stop by my parents’ house, I take a look at the newest attack ads. I often shake my head in disbelief and I ask myself ‘Who believes this bull shit?” Apparently, a lot of people who are easily mislead do. For instance, the flyer about the NRA ratings. Toi Hutchinson and Debbie Halvorson got an “A” rating from the pro-gun group. The flyer made some connections that did not really make any sense. Is the NRA shooting people and causing random mischief? No, not at all.  People are more worried about other things. And why would Hutchinson drop out of the race and immediately endorse the candidate who would benefit the most from the attack ads, former state rep Robin Kelly (I’ll get to her in a minute)?  My main question I have about all of this? Why has New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gotten involved in Chicago politics? Why would he care what goes on here? Why is his Super PAC trying to sway public opinion?

The second ad I saw was from Robin Kelly. I have seen the commercials and the flyers showing pictures with her and President Obama. When I see stuff like that, I think pandering. Also, it smacks of being desperate. Why does she need to ride the president’s coat tails? It sounds she might not have much to individually offer would-be voters. Kelly has a lengthy record in public service. Why not focus more on that? Why get in bed with a super PAC? The voters want a clean break from this type of stuff. They want someone who does not have a hole in their back where the puppet master puts their hand. Especially when questions from the inspector general’s investigation still loom large.

This is the same foolishness that the previous congressman fed on. That is why he stayed in office for so long. Scare tactics to take the voters eyes off of what really matters. The oldest trick in the book. Dance puppet dance.

Remember during the fourth season of "The Wire" when Bodie told Poot that he was now working for Marlo? “Shit, one boss same as the next, man.” This might apply to what’s going on in the 2nd Congressional District race.

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