Is the Rooney Rule hurting the coaches it was created to help?

Is the Rooney Rule hurting the coaches it was created to help?

Despite winning ten games for the Chicago Bears, Lovie Smith was shut out of seven coaching job available to him in the NFL. Bob Babich (former Bears Defensive Coordinator, who later demoted to linebacker coach) just got the defensive coordinator’s job with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Smith interviewed for the Arizona, Philly, and the Buffalo job. He lost out to a college coach with a mediocre record, another college coach with a gimmick offense, and an offensive coordinator from a team Smith’s Bears team beat earlier this season.

To be fair,Lovie Smith only wanted to interview for head coaching jobs.

In 2003, the NFL instituted the “Rooney Rule” which requires all NFL teams to interview one person of color when a head coaching vacancy comes up.

The rule is named after Dan Rooney, the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the chairman of the National Football League's diversity committee.

The Rooney Rule is the NFL’s version of Affirmative Action. I am not going to argue the merits of Affirmative Action. The main reason is because I won’t change your mind either way.

We all have an opinion on this rule. The 670 the Score Facebook comment section is quickly becoming the outlet for passive-aggressive hyper-local sports fans. Read these comments:

most racist thing in all of sports

There were no qualified minority HC candidates this year, but of course it has to do with owners being racist.

I'm sure minorities just LOVE knowing they are getting an interview because of their skin color only! Yay for progress!

Stop forcing affirmative action on people. Just let then hire the best person for the job.

The thing most people forget about when it comes to Affirmative Action is this: There wouldn’t be such a thing if the playing field was level from the beginning.

I get what the NFL is trying to do but if a team wants a certain coach and said coach happens to be not a person of color, what can you do?

I honestly feel that the real victims of the Rooney Rule are the same coaches that the rule created to help.

Norm Edwards, Romeo Crennel, and Dennis Green got second chances. So what can we say about that??

When Keith Armstrong and Mike Singletary interviewed for Bears head coaching job, they had to know that those interviews were for show. They have to feel some kind of way about why teams might only talk to them just to stay compliant. Does Singletary deserve a second chance after getting fired by San Francisco? Sure. Why not? How many chances has Norv Turner gotten??


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