Tim Tebow and his hype machine

Tony Rice, Tommie Frazier, Elle Roberson, Michael Bishop, Jamelle Holloway, Darian Haggan, Joe Hamilton, J.C. Watts.  Any of those names sound familiar??

As a long time college football fan, let me remind you. The aforementioned names were successful college football quarterbacks who ran the option and never were given a shot to play quarterback in the NFL. The offense that Tim Tebow is now given carte blanche to run in the NFL. Tim Tebow...what can you say? Everyone has an opinion of Tim Tebow. Those same people have an opinion about the media hype surrounding one of the most overrated professional athletes of our time. No doubt Tim Tebow is one of best college football players of all time.  Football fans debate back and forth about Tebow’s effectiveness. Will what he did in college crossover to the NFL?? No one can really say at this point despite what the national media says. One thing is for sure the Denver Broncos have now implemented the option. The option is an offense that is similar to the spread offense that Tebow ran at the University of Florida.

If I was one of the college quarterbacks I mentioned I would be livid. Why couldn’t any NFL teams change what they did accommodate what those quarterbacks could do? Some say that is because of the preferential treatment Tim Tebow gets. For example, earlier this season Tebow did something that most quarterbacks would get cussed out and possibly benched for: Tebow threw into triple coverage. The network covering the game could not stop talking about how much of a “leader” Tebow is. The praise Tim Tebow gets for no reason is downright sickening. Think Dick Vitale during a Duke Basketball game.

Meanwhile we have Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton who ran the same offense that Tebow did and he gets very little news coverage. Cam Newton has already broken several rookie QB records while the darling of the media Tim Tebow can’t hit the side of a barn with a ball that’s thrown like it has been shot.

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    "The praise Tim Tebow gets for no reason is downright sickening."
    What?! No reason?
    In any league including the NFL, when you take on the role of QB when your team's record is 1-4 and then (coming as a 3rd string QB) you lead your team to a current 5-5 record - thats not praiseworthy?!

    The game of football is played through passing and running the ball. Tebow took his team on a game winning 95 yard drive through running AND passing the ball. His touchdown run is the 3rd longest TD rush made by a quarterback in NFL history. Thats not praiseworthy?!

    You should clarify what 'praise' Tebow gets for 'no reason.'

  • he is not a nfl qb. your hanging to hat on him only being for a total of 30 mins against two sub par teams . and I've made my point very clear .

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    In reply to Evan Moore:

    He is 4 and 1 as a starter. The Raiders lead the division, the Jets have gone to AFC championship last 2 years. You clearly are just hating.

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    Your point is your opinion, let's talk facts:
    a) All semantics aside, Tim Tebow IS a starting NFL QB - just like Sam Bradford, the 2010 #1 NFL draft pick
    b) In that capacity, TT is 4-1, 7 TDs/1 INT, 78.4 and SB is (by a missed FG) 1-6, 4TDs/4INTs, 72.6.
    c) So who's the NFL QB?
    An NFL QB's job is to orchestrate WINs for his team.
    and I assure you not one of Tebow's teammates (except Orton I suspect) cares how they WIN, only that they WIN.

    Frankly, your original premise is so overwrought and opinionated, its hard to respond. Suffice to say that NONE of those players listed above had TWO Championship rings, a Heisman and a dozen other performance awards, broken many NCAA records and showed the kind of leadership or commanded the respect from friend and foe that Tebow has.

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    ROFL he not an NFL QB, please tell me what an NFL QB is. because from my understanding of football, I don't care what my QB can throw for, as long as they win 7-1 as a starter isn't that bad.

  • We get it.

    Tebow is white.

    The others are black.

    Hence, the preferential treatment.

    The world is racist.

  • In reply to gwill:

    you said it i didn't

  • In reply to gwill:

    Get your facts straight. Tebow has played 17 games not 30 min in 2 games. When did you even write this post? During the 2010 season?

    None of the guys you listed had the Heismans plus the rings that Tebow had.

    Like gwill says, we get it. You are obsessed with black quarterbacks and Tebow is white. So he's overrated. Seriously dude what is this post? Is your argument that Tebow threw into triple coverage once? There's many arguments to be made about Tebow's deficiencies but turnovers is the ONE area where you can't make a case. He doesn't have any turnovers during Denver's current winning streak and he very rarely throws interceptions at the NFL level. His TD to INT ration is a godly 7 to 1.

    To answer your question "Why couldn’t any NFL teams change what they did accommodate what those quarterbacks?" Because none of them boys were as good as Tebow. Simple answer. And none of them were as good as Michael Vick either, for whom the Falcons did alter their offense to accommodate in the mid 2000s.

    As for Cam, Cam doesn't run the same offense as Tebow. For one thing Cam can throw and Tebow can't. Cam runs a much more traditional offense with many of his key runs designed Red Zone packages. Cam cannot make the option reads that Tebow can, and even the offense he ran for Auburn didn't involve the decisions and reads that Tebow ran at Florida. Cam is bigger than Tebow and has a much better arm. His accuracy is better and his decision making and turnovers are much higher. They are different players.

    Lay down the slave mentality where you're entitled something because someone is black. The NFL (and American sport in general) is a meritocracy. Even a reviled black man like Michael Vick can become a hero as long as he can win. An alleged black rapist like Kobe Bryant and murderer like Ray Lewis can be heroes for their ability to play sport. With so much to criticize about Tebow on the field, the fact that your blog basically criticizes him for being a "white guy" playing what you jealously guard as a "black man's" position: the scrambling QB shows a depressing lack of ingenuity on your part.

  • In reply to eli levy:

    i critize the media and the lack of opportunity for some . you brought the slave mentality thing into this not me.

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    In reply to eli levy:

    Actually there is SOMETHING to what the writer is saying. They were close minded towards giving black option QB's a chance. Until Kordell Stewart he was adequately given an opportunity that was the first change of the tide.

  • In reply to Raoul Davis:

    That is all I ask. Why didn't those players at least get a shot?

  • You left out Eric Crouch......

  • i wanted to add him but he didn't even tryout

  • Your tirade stinks of reverse racism and persecution complex. Tebow is the magic elixir a corrupt industry like the NFL needs, in order to sustain long term appeal. The players you mentioned weren't first round drafts choices who were forced to play by an adoring Denver fan base you knucklehead!

    I thought is was interesting seeing the NYJ elite corners cower instead of trying to tackle Tebow. Enjoy Cutler and dream of Cam you dip stick!

  • thanks for reading.

  • p.s.....Obviously the author of this article and his fellow racist commenter have no marketable talents. Just because you are black does not mean you are entitled, bring some talent to the table and observe with amazement how easily the doors of opportunity open.....haters

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    In reply to bucknuckles:

    Bucknuckles you have to ruin the dialogue by making obviously racial remarks yourself very sad.

  • In reply to Raoul Davis:

    Yeah he went to the lowest common denominator.

  • i actually like tebow does. not as a qb. answer this question : is tebow better than cam netwon and jay cutler?

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    In reply to Evan Moore:

    As a Broncos fan I am much happier that Tim Tebow is QB than Jay Cutler. The reason Shanahan got fired was sitting down Jake Plummer who was 7-5 and had been in AFC championship game the year before for Jay Cutler. Who went 0-4 and then we haven't made it back to the playoffs since. Tebow may get us to the playoffs this year. Cutler is "cool" but up until this year he didn't show the grit. I Think this year he has gotten tougher and may finally be a leader...

  • No backbone either.........Cam and Cutler both have a different set of serious character issues. Cam - Good stats no wins, hater. Cutler - Would rather be snuggling with a platter of PBJ's.

  • oh okay i see. thanks again for reading my blog. have a great weekend !!

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    Mr. Moore Perhaps you have forgotten that Cam Newton was at Florida with Tim Tebow and was not able to get Mr. Tebow's starting position. Perhaps you have also forgotten the current wins by each quarterback as a starter this year. Newton 2-7 = 28% Tebow 3-4 = 75%. Amazing how inarguable success on Tebows part is simply ignored by your obvious bias opinion on Tim Tebow. I would continue with examples of Mr. Newtons moral troubles and lack of judgement when at Florida and the continued questions while at Auburn and Tebows incredible leadership wherever he is but I am sure all the problems that Newton had were someone elses fault in you eyes.

  • In reply to Eric Cason:

    I guess Cam Newton plays defense as well....

  • Mr. Cason,

    1.Perhaps you forgot that Tim Tebow was firmly intrenched as the QB at UF at the time.(Newton redshirted that year BTW)

    2. Newton is #7 in passing yards, Tebow # 37(that's in the bottom half). Half the panthers' defense is on IR.

    3. That last statement has nothing to do anything. Stay on task.

    Thanks for reading my blog!

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    In reply to Evan Moore:

    Get your facts straight Mr. Moore. Cam Newton came to Florida in 2007 and was NOT red shirted until 5 games until the season when he was injured. How did that affect Newtons performance in practices trying to earn a starting position prior to the 2007 season starting? As for Tebow being firmly entrenched how is that? If I remember correctly in 2006 Tebow was backing-up Chris Leak.

    Also I think your #2 statement solidifies your absolute irrational dislike of Tebow. Newton is # 7 in passing yards and Tebow is #37. First of all the comparison is bogus
    1) Newton 9 games Tebow 4
    2) Different offensive game plan

    and most important WHO CARES Tebow wins 75% Newton 28%

    Do you think Cam would trade the pass rating as # 7 to be 7-2 instead of 2-7.

    Also believe me I am not a Cam Newton hater. He is a great athlete with incredible skill. As a Gator fan I sure wish he would have been there last year instead of Brantley.

    Also you title is Tim Tebow and his his hype Machine. Is your irrational dislike of Tebow so intense that you think Tebow is somehow looking for the Hype? Let's be real Tebow has been bashed by the press both in regards to his abilities as a football player and in regards to his personal beliefs. What criticism as Newton gotten as the leader of a team in the cellar?

    In regards to Mr Newton's problems in college. They are revelent because they explain the fervent belief by people in Tim Tebow. He is a great role model and he is passionate about what he believes. Why do you have a problem with that?

  • Shut up. Giving Newton Praise, while bashing Tebow? Sounds to me like you are nothing but a racist n**ger (I'm sure your intelligent enough to fill in the blanks). Newton isn't get any praise, because he can't WIN. TEBOW WINS GAMES. He's 4-1 since taking over. Stop being blinded by your racism, darky.

  • In reply to ComeBreakMe:

    SMH @ Comebreakme......What an idiot u r.Who's being racist now buddy?U just showed the world how much of a racist ass u are...Congratulation Ur point is not proven.If u cant be a civilized adult and have a decent debate with out the name calling U should jump off a building better yet try reading a book,Cracker!!!

  • how are you gonna racist and be a football fan ? and thanks again for reading my blog .

  • I see where u coming from Mr Moore...But after watching that Jets and Broncos game I have a new found respect for the guy....I still think he throws like shit but he's a winner.If u cant stop it why knock it and so far not too many teams showed that they can stop the qb option.I've Been A Tebow fan since Florida So im glad he's doing well.He's definitely a good guy off the field and I respect that in him

  • I am fan of Tebow as well but he's just not an NFL QB at this point. I just want to know why those other player I named didnt get the shot tebow is getting.

  • This is about bigger than things than Tim Tebow. If the Tebow experiment works out it will mean for the past 25 years or more the smartest offensive analysts in the NFL really haven't been very smart. Really, how likely is it that we are looking at the dawn of a revolution of sorts in the NFL? I sure wouldn't bet that we are.

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