The original and current victims of gun control

Blogger’s Note:People on both sides of the gun control debate has used the school shootings in Connecticut further their claims.Just like Adam Lanza and anyone else who uses to gun for malicious intent, they have no use for stats. They couldn’t care less about opinions polls,straw polls, or gun laws.

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

You remember where that quote is from? That is the 2nd Amendment. You know? From that Constitution class you might have ignored back in the 7th grade.

Things have gotten a little dicey since then.

Illinois is the only state in America to not have a concealed carry law.

The local and the national media continue to paint a picture of Chicago as a war zone.

Last week, an off-duty Chicago Police Officer got into a shootout with two men who were trying to rob him. If that was you or me, we would be dead or in jail due to a weapons charge. Having a weapons charge would turn me into a felon. This means that I would not only go to jail, I would lose the right to vote and possibly lose the right to apply for financial aid. Most of us do not have the luxury of being a law enforcement officer who is allowed to carry a concealed weapon.

If people like NBC broadcast announcer Bob Costas can say that if was not for a gun, former Kansas City Chief Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend would still be alive, I can say that the off-duty CPD officer would be dead right now due to the State of Illinois’ lack of trust for the citizens.

People of color started to arm themselves because it was their right to do so per the U.S. Constitution. It seems like the status quo or the powers that be have historically felt uneasy about black people or Latinos with guns.

Have you ever noticed that the inherently racist guns laws were put in place stop revolutionary groups in the poor and disenfranchised communities??

Lakefront Liberals and so called “leaders” of the community seem to be unaware that they support inherently racist guns laws. What am I supposed to do if someone breaks in my home?? Tickle them to death??

When someone breaks into a home, they are extremely brave and willing do to whatever it takes.  Why would someone want to deny citizens a right given by the constitution? It boggles the mind.

Have you ever noticed that the leaders of the community that tell people that they should not have guns are the same people who either do not live in an area infested with crime or they have armed bodyguards? Father Micheal Pfleger, Mayor Rahm Emanuel,and Governor Pat Quinn can tell us what we don’t need. Next time they tell you that you don’t need to have guns, ask them about the armed bodyguards that follow them everywhere they go.

What about State Senator Donne Trotter, who voted no to reject concealed carry in Illinois??He was arrested two weeks ago for carrying a firearm into O’Hare airport.

That seems hypocritical right??

Yes, it is.

I understand what the anti-guns folks are saying but it’s not realistic. What is someone supposed to do until the police show up? The police are not armed bodyguards. More often than not, they show up after something happens.

Last week I wrote another blog about this issue.

David Lemieux, a former Chicago Police Officer of 26 years, believes that law-abiding citizens should be able to carry firearms.

"It is the right of every human being. You have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of             happiness.You have a right to life. A right to protect that life."

Lemieux also says that the guns laws in Illinois are inherently racist in nature.

"Absolutely. Without a doubt. As there was a rise in militancy amongst black people the gun laws got stricter,” Lemieux says. “The first gun laws in this country were aimed at disarming people of color. Absolutely racially-based. 100 percent."

Remember what Otis McDonald said about the gun control laws.

Otis McDonald was the lead plaintiff in the case that got the 1982 gun ban overturned. He said this when asked about then Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley’s comments to keep citizens unarmed.

"I wish I could get Mayor Daley to feel what I feel and see what I see, Maybe he could come here and spend the night, especially during the summer, and listen to what I listen to out my window. If he could, and he was open to that, he would see what's really going on in his city ... and maybe he would understand where I'm coming from."

McDonald said this after the gun ban was overturned.

"At least the playing fields will be leveled. I don’t have to be concerned about the young dealers and gang-bangers coming in my house, because I believe now that they think twice."

The lakefront liberals and the elected officials often say that the people in the state do not want concealed carry laws.  They also love the talk about the allegedly high murder rate and the amount of violent crimes. Don’t let the people who do not live in your neighborhoods tell how to protect your home.

Don’t these fools push you around!!

Full disclosure: I wrote this blog before the U.S. Appeals court struck down Illinois’ ban on concealed weapons and the tragic events in Connecticut.

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