Quick thoughts about the hypocrisy of Columbus Day

Downtown, there is a statue at the corner of Roosevelt and Columbus. At the base of the statue it says "Christopher Columbus: Discoverer of America." Of course, we know that Mr. Columbus did not discover anything. If fact, he brought disorder and chaos to the "New" world.

As a critical thinker, I ask these questions:

  • What if someone showed up in your backyard and said I "discovered" this land?
  • What if you and your neighbors were told to give up all of your possessions and made Christians against your will?
  • Tell me why Columbus Day is a national holiday?
  • How does someone who made such a colossal blunder get an honored in such a way? Bill Buckner day should be next.

I can only think one reason this was allowed to happen. The victors in such matters often write the history books however they want. These folks have the money and power to write history however they like. The things we learned in school about this stuff are completely different from what the ancestors of the people Columbus hurt were told.

Ask yourself.Why is there a statue downtown celebrating a man who allegedly discovered a land with people already there?

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