When will Dez Bryant take some personal responsibility for his actions?

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant recently found himself on the wrong side of the law again. Bryant was arrested on a domestic violence charge for allegedly hitting his mother, Angela Bryant. She did not press charges.

In response to the latest incident, Jerry Jones, the team’s owner gave Bryant an ultimatum with a list of things not to do for the time being.

Here is a list the no-no’s Dez himself agreed to:

  • A midnight curfew (If Bryant misses curfew, team officials must know in advance).
  • No alcohol.
  • He can't attend any strip clubs and can only attend nightclubs if they are approved by the team and he has a security team with him.
  • He must attend counseling sessions twice a week.
  • A rotating three-man security team will leave one man with Bryant at all times.
  • Members of the security team will drive Bryant to practices, games and team functions (Bryant is paying for the security).

To the naked eye, those stipulations may sound rough or even kind of racist to some. The Cowboys are trying to make sure that their multi-million dollar investment doesn’t add to his already growing lists of incidents (being detained by police after an altercation at a Miami nightclub, getting kicked out of the mall, and not paying for jewelry).

You may ask yourself why does Bryant get in trouble so much? Is it because he might be a kid in a grown man’s body? Or does this have something to do with learned behavior from his childhood. Dez Bryant’s mother, Angela has a criminal record that includes several convictions on drug charges. She was sentenced to 10 years’ probation after arrest for selling crack cocaine to a police informant three years ago.

The Dallas Cowboys have a history of dealing with troubled players such as Adam "Pacman" Jones and nose tackle Tank Johnson (Bears fans remember ). I believe the team knows what they are doing at this point.  You may think that there is a racial component to this. It might be but look at what the Texas Rangers do for their star player, Josh Hamilton. Someone is with Hamilton at all times and he is not allowed to have no more than $30 at a time. Personally, I think that won’t help Hamilton face his demons. I digress. Dez Bryant has to eventually take some personal responsibility for his actions. Bryant has to change his habits and maybe lose some of his friends.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said it best: “I applaud Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys on this. They are doing the right thing. You have to act like you have some sense. This is a business. Dez Bryant is an investment being made by the Jerry Jones and the Cowboys organization. This is Dez Bryant’s fault just like it was Pacman Jones’ fault  . This isn’t a black and white thing. This is a behavioral issue. The person that’s at fault here is Dez Bryant."

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