What to make of the brazen behavior of Chicago teenagers

Watching this video makes me sick. Kids running around downtown terrorizing random people for no good reason. Justifying every stereotype people have of African-American kids. We can thank World Star Hip-Hop for that.

You may ask yourself how these kids are allowed to roam around unchecked.

Why aren’t they doing something more constructive with their time?

Kids walking around looking for trouble isn’t a new phenomenon. When I was kid, me and my friends walked around like the kids in the video. All we did was shoot the shit and talk to girls.  We weren’t saints but we never tried to hurt or harass random people. That was out of the question.

These kids these days seem not to care who they hurt. This brazen behavior is quite shocking to me. They seem to think that the consequences do not matter.

In the community, you had unwritten rules. You didn’t mess with old folks or someone who had a shot of making something out of themselves.

Of course the contents of the video seem scary. I could make a case that this is no different from what happens on Lincoln Avenue or Milwaukee Avenue after 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

These days there are no rules. Anything goes. No matter where you are from, animals will be animals. Damned if someone tells them otherwise.

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