Lil' Mouse and his future with the Prison Industrial Complex

Two months ago, a friend of mine posted a video to his Facebook page. He warned that the video was very harsh. Intially, I didn’t want to look at it thinking that if I looked at this video, I would want the two, three minutes of my life back.  Then I started to notice other people talking about some kid rapper called “Lil Mouse.” So I backed off of my initial stance and clicked on the link.

I was completely shocked at what I saw. I also used some colorful language to describe my disdain for what I just witnessed. I witnessed a 13-year-old kid rap about smoking, shooting people, and calling young girls all types of names. Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

 “I'm rollin', all my niggas rollin'

.30 clip and them hollow tips have his ass sitting in Roseland

Floating off a pill , pussies better chill

My niggas in the field; you might get killed

Pancake-ass nigga, I keep that shit real

.40 hit his face, BBQ his ass like a grill

Y'all niggas ain't real, lame niggas get killed

I'm here for real; I'm doing this for real

I'm finna get on, finna do another song

Bitch calling my phone, leave me alone

I'm trying to bone, then pass it to the bro

Then leave that bitch, tell that ho, "So long."

Different colored shirts, rolling up that purp

Leaning off that hurt, so please don't get murked

Girls lifting they shirts, Gucci jewelry shirts

Polo wear and crop shirts, my bitch shit twerk.”

I have come to the conclusion that every person over the age 18 involved in the making of any of this kid’s videos should be arrested and DCFS should investigate.

Sound the alarm at the gate! Our community has allowed this type of behavior for much too long. A thirteen- year- old has a video throwing around money and talking about guns and drugs. He even talks about going to the club. Any club that allows this should be shut down by the city.

It seems like we have cornered the market on offering up young, impressionable kids to the prison industrial complex. I just hope we don't hear about this kid getting locked up in the years to come.


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