Hey Gov. Quinn:Charging an extra $3 isn't going to stop a sexual deviant

Does anyone out there honestly believe that charging strip clubs patrons an extra three dollars will stop sexual abuse towards women??

Apparently Governor Pat Quinn does.

According to a bill signed by the Governor Quinn on Saturday, strip clubs in Illinois will have to hand over a share of their revenues, starting in 2013, to assist in funding programs to prevent sexual assault and counsel victims.

The law will take effect Jan. 1, 2013. An annual surcharge will be placed on strip clubs that have live nude dancing and permit alcohol. These businesses could pay a $3 per customer surcharge that will go to a special fund devoted to preventing sexual violence and counseling.

I fail to see how a strip club is responsible for sexual deviancy.  By putting this into law, the governor has put himself slippery slope territory.

So I guess when somebody is beaten up for their iPod, the good folks at Apple should donate money to help funds causes to help people who are the victims of random violence. I wonder how well that would go over at the Apple Store when a would-be customer has to pay extra for something that has nothing to do with the other.

I would argue that the violent content in video games and TV do way more to incite violence and crime than a strip club does. No doubt there are some major creeps in our society. I don’t see how shaking down a strip club owner is going to solve a problem that has nothing to do with how a legitimate business is run.

This law is a gross misappropriation of funds if I ever did see one. I get that the state is losing money by the day. So why should strip clubs pick up the slack?

Is it not the responsibility of the elected officials in the General Assembly to stay on top of the state’s bills? It seems like this another ploy to cover up money mismanagement in Springfield.

Why can’t they make the tough decisions that all of us make in our homes on a daily basis?

I say cut the shit! You may disagree with what goes on at a strip club. If someone puts a dollar bill up a stripper’s you know what it’s perfectly legal.  The state should not bullying law-abiding business owners.





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