The Chicago Bulls are like the guy who still uses MySpace

The Chicago Bulls are like the guy who still uses MySpace. We all know a person who is slow to adapt when everything around them is moving so fast.  This might be the Bulls.

You cannot blame Chicago Bulls fans for being a little anxious after how last season turned out.

We saw a team that swept through the regular season only to wet the bed in the playoffs.

Some believe that Coach Tom Thibodeau ran the to death to be exposed to extended minutes.

Some believe that the team just was not ready to absorb the injury suffred by Derrick Rose.

This offseason, we’ve seen the Defending Champion Miami Heat get better.

We saw the Brooklyn Nets get better.

The L.A. Lakers added 2-time MVP Steve Nash.

If you watched the NBA Draft, you saw several teams like Boston and New Orleans get better through the draft.

And all the Chicago Bulls have to show for free agency up until this point is… Kirk Hinrich and Marquis Teague.

At the point the team is deciding whether to overspend on a primarily defensive player in Omer Asik.

Remember I wrote about a couple of weeks ago (click here).

Obviously, Bulls fans do not know what goes on behind the scenes with the team.

They don’t know who the team called or what deals were in the works.

It seems like the Chicago Bulls need to be dragged out of the middle ages kicking and screaming. The Big 3 era is the new normal. Everyone seems to be collecting players. You need at least three star players to stay competitive. Right now, the Bulls don’t have any.

At this point the championship window appears to be shut.


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