If you are an adult and you don’t have an ID to vote you probably shouldn’t be voting

Applying for a credit card, using a debit card or credit card to make a purchase, applying for a marriage liscense,checking yourself into hospital, buying a home, checking ones credit, entering a restaurant or a bar, pick up a package from Fed Ex or UPS,starting up a bank account, and applying for a job.

Those were different instances where having an ID is needed.

If an ID is needed for all of the aforementioned things…wouldn’t you think that someone would have an ID if they wanted to vote?

Since they did not need it for other things.

Back when I was a junior in high school (circa 1996) my father wanted me to have three things on me if I was ever pulled over by a police officer:

  1. Driver’s License
  2. Auto Insurance Card
  3. Bond Card.

My dad wanted to be prepared if someone tried to take advantage of me by abusing the law.

Several states have voter ID laws in place. A person needs some sort of identification in order to vote.

Some groups such as the NAACP and other civil rights/liberty groups believe that there is a racial component to these laws. Some believe by asking for and ID to vote stops voter fraud (we know a lot about that here in Chicago).

I get the concerns of these groups when they say that these laws if and when they are enacted will stop people from voting. Most likely for President Obama’s re-election.

Since we already know that foolishness has taken place at these polling places in the past, why not be proactive and have what you need to vote.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that most African-Americans want the President to be re-elected.

Since that is true for the most part why not make sure that you have everything you need to vote?

What is wrong with being one step ahead knowing voter fraud happens?

No doubt racism happens in some places.

But when do people start to take personal responsibility for their own affairs?

If some can’t provide an ID to prove who they are, I am not sure I want them to vote in first place.



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  • I would suggest reading this column: The GOP's crime against voters

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    Thanks for reading. I read the link. When I was writing this blog, I thought about that. When I first started driving as I said in the blog, my dad told me that most black kids get their licenses taken away because they don't have bond cards. None of the currency exchanges around us didn't sell them(most likely by design). We went to bridgeport to get one. I know what these people are trying to do. Having known this for decades why not stay one step ahead? This my main theme

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    The issue to me is it's like having brain surgery for chapped lips. There simply is no voter fraud problem.

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    I agree. In this day and age everyone should have an ID for several reasons. I still can't believe that the NAACP is still using these scare tactics.

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    Well, my analogy was about the voter ID law. I think the NAACP's concerns are extraordinarily valid.

  • Instead of using scare tactics they should be canvassing in the swing states in the south to make sure that people have valid ID's.

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    If it comes to that, yes. But what scare tactics are they using?

  • The if you don't vote to re-elect "Our" president things will go back to the bad old days riot act. Any critique of the President to these groups is seen as treason. Look at what happened to Cornell West,Tavis Smiley,and Cory Booker.

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    That's a separate issue than advocating for the right to vote.

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    I said that because this happens to people who goes against whatever they advocate.These people use all types of tactics to get their point across. You heard what happened today at the NAACP rally? They booed Mitt. They didn't have to do that.

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