I call bullshit on ALL White Sox fans who don't support the team

Every team in Major League Baseball has won more games than the Chicago Cubs.

Wrigley Field is always packed.

The Chicago White Sox are in first place.

U.S. Cellular Field is rarely packed.

After further review…I call bullshit on all White Sox fans who don't show up to games U.S. Cellular. The team is in the first place and currently sending three players to the all-star game(they should have five players going).

I hear the excuses that Sox fans have for not going(location/tickets prices).

From 2003-2011, I went to about 15 games a year. I got married last October. Since then I’ve only been to 5 games thus far due to a lack of disposable income. I get it but there is no reason why fans can’t make it out to sox park to support the team.

The team has done every thing possible to accommodate fans by letting people bring in food and constantly renovating amenities.

Last week, I went on to stubhub.com to look for tickets. I found upper deck tickets for $9. I’m not sure how someone who calls them self a White Sox fan not take advantage of that.

Most of us can fart and shit that amount in our sleep.

Also I am sick of people using the location of Sox Park as an excuse.  Look at the area around the United Center where the Bulls and Hawks play. Those fan bases make due less than Sox fans have to deal with. You can ask 012 district Chicago Police Officers about that one.

For years White Sox fans would poke fun at Cubs fans for showing up even though the Cubs haven’t won a world series in over 100 years.  I think it is time for Sox fans ask themselves why they aren’t at the game. Lame excuses are wearing thin…Support the team!!!



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