When keeping it real goes wrong:I call B.S. on the woman tasered by a Chicago Police Officer

Two days ago, a pregnant woman was tasered by a Chicago Police officer. Based on the headline alone, you probably think that this is another case of police brutality. I suggest that you read the whole story (click here).

This is cliff notes version of the events that led to the woman being tasered:

  • Woman parks in a parking space reserved for people who are disabled.
  • Police officer tells woman to move the car to a regular parking space.
  • Woman does not move vehicle.
  • Police officer cites the woman for not having a handicapped placard.
  • Woman rips up ticket.
  • Police officer cites the woman again. This time for littering.
  • Woman yells obscenities at the Police officer.
  • Then some sort of struggle ensued when the woman attempts to drive away causing the woman to get tasered.

This is where I call bullshit.

This all could have been avoided if the woman had not parked in a space reserved for people who have trouble walking.

Most cops from what I have seen would have not said anything and just wrote the ticket. He told her to move first probably because he didn’t want to write a ticket.

This woman clearly lacks personal responsibility. Not once did she mention that she should have not have been parking there in the first place.

Allegedly, this woman’s kids saw all of this. This woman set an awful example to her kids. She showed them the wrong way to act when things don't go their way.

Bottom line…None of this would have gone down the way it did if she would have just followed the rules and left the handicapped parking to those who need it most.


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  • What do you think about the woman's claim that the cops at the hospital told to to "Go get Jesse Jackson" ?

  • In reply to Gabe Salgado:

    I wouldn't doubt it but then again people make shit up all the time.

  • When a woman gets to 6 months or so they should probably issue her a temporary placard. This doesn't excuse this lady's behavior, and I don't know how far along she is/was, but the late stages of pregnancy to a certain extent ought to qualify as a disability. Ever seen a very-pregnant woman waddling along?

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