Felony Franks was fun and kinda sketchy

So the infamous fast food joint Felony Franks closed  earlier this week.

I was telling a buddy of mine a few weeks ago that I wanted to stop by a buy a t-shirt because I feared that the place would not last much longer. I was right sad to say.

Was the food any different from any other fast food joint in the city? No but the jailhouse motif was pretty cool. You would order food through a button would press and say “I would like to plead my case.”  I lived nearby for almost two years. I would have the Paroled Pizza Puff and the Freedom Fries with a Deliberation Drink (check out the menu).

2nd ward Alderman Bob Fioretti, who won’t be alderman much longer after the ward remapping saga constantly butt heads with the establishment for allegedly glorifying prison culture.

Felony Franks got a bad rap for employing ex-cons. I call b.s. on anyone who had a problem with that. Time and time again many people are caught up in the prison industrial complex. As a society, we always seem to place a stigma on people who were previously incarcerated. The same stigma often prevents these people from being gainfully employed.

Having said all of this, I do believe the owner left because of the neighborhood.

The liquor store nearby coupled with the constant fighting between the kids that attend Crane High School was too much.

As someone who had driven through there to get to and from work, I can tell you that driving through there right when school would end for the day was not for the faint at heart.

Like most things, it had to come to an end.

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