Decriminalizing pot in Chicago is the best for everyone involved

The people outthere who use marijuana as recreational drug is pretty diverse.


Knowing that piece of information…Let me ask you this:

Who gets arrested for marijuana possession the most?

Black and Latino people. Here are the stats to prove it.

Hip-Hop duo “Dead Prez” said it best regarding the inconsistency in drug sentencing:

“But when I look at all the n----s

They hit with mad time

In proportion with the big king pins it don't fit

You could get caught with barely a half a slab

And the judge sentence you like you ran the ave.”

Last week, I interviewed hip-hop recording artist and political activist Immortal Technique. He sat down with me performed at the Metro last Friday night. I asked him about decriminalizing marijuana.

“Decriminalizing is the alternative to criminalizing. I think it is a positive first step but I think that is this way for political and financial reasons not for anybody’s health,” Immortal Technique said. “I can step outside right now and buy the tobacco the smoke that causes cancer legally but I can’t buy the smoke that curses cancer legally. Now ain't that some s—t.”

I am glad to see that the Chicago City Council came out of the dark ages by passing an ordinance decriminalizes marijuana. The ordinance gives police the option to issue a ticket for possession of 15 grams of marijuana or less. Arrests would still be mandated for anyone caught smoking pot in public or possessing marijuana in or near a school or in or near a park. The new rules go into effect Aug. 4.

Instead of arresting otherwise law abiding citizens, the police can be freed up to do other things like…policing.

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