What the hell happened to Evergreen Plaza??

“This muthafucka is like a vacant apartment!”

That was something I overheard when I was at Evergreen Plaza last weekend.

Like most southsiders, I went to Evergreen Plaza to be seen and see other people. During my high school years 1993-1997, going to Evergreen Plaza to hangout and occasional shop was a big to do. Since then there has been a steady decline of stores which leads to a steady decline in would be customers.

This past weekend me and my wife went by there to pick up clothing for the holiday weekend. Soon as I walked in I was completely shocked that this place was so empty on a Saturday afternoon no less. I have stopped in the Plaza over the years but to see it this empty was mind boggling. One of my friends told me that he brings his two-year-old son there to let him wonder around. That lets you know what people now think of this place.

According to one of the custodians, the Plaza has about 200 shops and roughly 78-80 occupied vendors. “We are trying hang on until the end of year,” he explained.

I hope something comes of this. If one was to look at the rest of the neighborhood you would ask what is going on here.




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  • Man, same thing happening out south at Lincoln Mall.

  • Thanks for reading. Yeah that's what i heard as well. Malls are a dying breed.

  • When it became overwhelmingly Everblack Plaza - losing anchor stores, the movie theater, etc. - and especially when Wal-Mart moved in, that was the deathblow.

    Ford City seems to still be doing well and is crowded a lot of the time.

  • Well, they are not going to make it. A deal to sell the mall is all but finalized. The potential new owners plan to demolish the mall and make it a strip mall anchored by a much smaller Carson's. Many Beverly residents blame young African Americans for the mall's downfall.

  • That is the easy blame. I blame several things:Wal-Mart,online-purchasing and strip malls.

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