Trayvoning has taken the place of planking in the temporary foolishness category

Many people were outraged when they saw a Facebook page called “Trayvoning”. Normally a hyperlink would be posted but the page was taken down. Much like the god-awful fad Planking, Trayvoning is lying on the ground while wearing a hoodie and hold a pack a skittles.

Since we already know the circumstances surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin, no further discussion needed about that.  Due to the world we live in a world people go to social media to say whatever they want. These comments are often left unchecked. Having said that, social media can be used to start something just as well it can be used to stop something.

Local hip-hop recording artist LockNess Monsta caught wind of the Facebook page and altered a friend of his who happened to be an intern at WVON1690 AM, an African-American owned and operated radio station.

LockNess Monsta alerted his friends via Facebook status update:

“Facebook help us ban the page of @Trayvoning. This shit is disgusting, ignorant, and the most pathetic thing I've seen in quite a while. They took planking and implemented a representation of trayvon by laying on the ground with a hoodie, skittles, and a Arizona tea. You fuckers never cease to amaze me with the ignorance you come up with. Karma will reach you and 7 generations ahead of you.....”

The page was soon taken down due to the amount of comments against this new form of foolishness.

The fact that someone would make light of a murdered teenager shows all of us that we live in a society where nothing is sacred. These days people cross the line so much that there was no line in the first place.

What people saw when they first looked up “Trayvoning” can be best said by one of the greatest leaders in modern times:

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."- Martin Luther King Jr.

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