The occupy movement and Obama '12 are not one in the same

Last week I saw a car with two bumper stickers on it. One had a bumper sticker that said Obama 2012 on one side and we are the 99% on the other.

Upon seeing this, I said to myself: Don't these people know that those two different ideologies??

According to the folks at Occupy Chicago this is their take on the two-party system in which President Obama is a part of:

“Occupy Chicago does not endorse and never has endorsed the two dominant parties, Democrat and Republican, that are currently carrying out the agenda of the 1%. Our only affiliation is with those who want to end the entanglement of big business and government.”

So you may be asking yourself who is part of the “1 percent?”

Well that depends on who you ask:

This is Occupy Minnesota’s take:

“The 1 percent can accurately be described as a discrete, highly exclusive group of individuals, cherry-picked from the top echelons of global corporations, including banks and financial institutions; the most influential politicians and bureaucrats, at home and abroad; private- and public-sector union bosses; not-for-profits’ executive leadership, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), associations, foundations, and churches; and prominent stewards of the most prestigious academia.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, a person needs to earn at least $506,000 annually to be considered a part of the 1%.

President Barack Obama earns a salary of $400,000 per year, along with a few bonuses (annual expense account, travel account and an entertainment stipend). The President’s income totals to over $550,000 annually.

Some of you still believe that even though you will vote to re-elect President Obama. At this same time, you also support the Occupy movement. You can’t do both. It’s like being a “Chicago” fan. You have to choose a side. Competing baseball teams.Competing ideologies.

Actor George Clooney recently hosted a fundraiser for the President. The following 1 percenters were in attendance: Barbara Stresiand, Robert Downey, Jr., Tobey Maguire, Eddie Murphy, Billy Crystal, Salma Hayek and Jack Black. Even Wolfgang Puck was on hand as the chef for the 40K a plate fundraiser. Clooney helpe raise 15 million for the President that night. None of the people at that fundraiser are part of the 99%.

Long story short, I am not hating on the man’s ability to hustle up 15 million. Or that you may be voting to re-elect the sitting President. My beef is that you cannot do both. If you support President Obama, you should be nowhere near an occupy rally. If you are an occupy supporter you shouldn’t anywhere near a polling place this November. So pick a side you can stick with.




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  • Occupy addresses the growing social and economic inequality gap in the U.S., particularly between the 99% and the 1%.

    Obama's agenda involves taxing the wealthy at similar percentages than the middle-class, lower-class, and working-class; as well as prohibiting student loan interest rates from rising.

    In a sense, the ideologies are very much complimentary, if not similar.

  • In reply to Reginald Nievera:

    Thanks for commentng Reggie. I think that if someone who is an occupy protester who voted for Obama is voting for a system that they claim to be against. They should pick a side.

  • Evan, this is a case of wishing and a-hoping.

    You want their to be a difference between Obama and Occupy, but there is no difference. To cite Obama's cozy relationship with the Hollywood One Percent as somehow being opposite the ideology that Obama himself professes, even in the famous confrontation with Joe the Plumber --"spreading the wealth around"-- is to not understand (or want to understand) the concept of "useful idiots".

    Obama is clearly not on the side of free enterprise and individual liberty, and he says so -- and intimates-- in his own writing, and certainly in his own regulatory and statist actions.

    Obama is out to "fundamentally transform" America. Into what, I ask? You certainly cannot like the current system if you want to change it that much.

    Good try in defending how you will probably vote, but you might as well be voting the Socialist Party of America. At least a good socialist and communist are honest about what they want. At least Occupy is honest about what it wants, unlike the President. Sorry.

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