Social media cowards in hockey fan's clothing shame us all

Once again professional sports and racism has made strange bedfellows. Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward was the subject of racism on the social media website Twitter after scoring the game winning goal against the defending Stanley Cup Champions Boston Bruins. I heard this story earlier in the day so I went onto my twitter account (@ftf1978_evnmoore) and saw the following from some so-called Boston Bruins fans:

“So fucking mad. That fucking nigger scored #4thlineblacktrash


“We lost.... To a hockey playing nigger.... What kind of shit is this”

“The Nigger scores again we riot #JoelWard

“Seriously.....fuckin nigger #stillfuckinlovethebruins

Joel Ward your a nigger. Holtby, get a life. I never wanna see Tim Thomas in a bruins jersey ever again #washedup #bum

Can't believe Boston just let a sand nigger beat them #gobacktothejungle @abrownn36

“A nigger beat us in #OT Are you kidding me?”

“stupid nigger go play basketball hockey is a white sport”

I stopped after a while because I was angry.

They were clearly bitter after Mr. Ward ended their team’s season.

I guess that they temporarily forgot about the National Hockey League's first Black Player Willie O’Ree,  played for the Bruins.

As a blogger, I know what it is like to deal with racists who hide behind social media to voice their foolish behavior. See my blogs about Tim Tebow and the animal rights folks. These people are nothing but cowards who are jealous that they cannot play pro hockey like Ward can.

Too often racism is used to put someone down when a person has ran out of intelligent thoughts. We live in a time when knee-jerk reactions can be posted onto a social media website for the world to see. Now the world knows that some of the Boston Bruins fans are some of the stupidest people on Earth.

As a hockey fan, I am shamed by this behavior. I even own a Boston Bruins sweater (not jersey) of one my favorite players in the game Zdeno Chara.

To all of you who read this and posted something shameful about Joel Ward: You not only shame yourselves, you shame hockey fans worldwide.


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  • Wow, sad to see racism on TWITTER!!! Like really it's freaking TWITTER!!! I guess it's inescapable, HOWEVER I really have to say I didn't expect anything less from people in Boston. It's the Northeast's South.

  • In reply to Curtis Shaw Flagg:

    Yeah its sad in this day and age. that team has had black players in the past. I wonder what they said about them.

  • Shameful and embarrassing. Can't even believe it - wait yes I can. Racism is so rampant it scares me. Sometimes it feels as though times have not evolved a bit. Thanks for the eye opener.

  • In reply to Teppi Jacobsen:

    Thank you for reading and retweeting it Teppi.

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