Dear Kony 2012 supporters: Stay out of residential neighborhoods

This past Saturday, I was driving down Pulaski when I noticed a Stop Kony 2012 poster. I get what these people are trying to do but to put signs on private property in residential areas is crossing the line. The thing that makes me mad the most is these people have now resorted to cowardly measures by putting these signs up overnight. The tactic is called Cover the Night.

So I went to this group’s Facebook page a left comment saying this:” Please stop putting posters up in my neighborhood. We have a lot of other things to be worried about. Let me know when you guys start to care about local problems.”

Of course they responded with all too familiar go-to line for these people: “If you have local problems that you want addressed than do something! Even better, start somtehing yourself?”

I am not sure why this person sent this since I previously stated that I am already doing such.

Later in the day, I saw a Kony 2012 poster by 71st/California. I know for a fact that in any other circumstance the so called activists would not be worried about that community but they want people in this area to care about something that does not affect them.

As I have said several times to Kony 2012 supporters: Yes the guy is a brutal dictator and something should be done but the fact of the matter is that we have so many problems here in the city that it is very difficult to worried about something else. It may sound cold but drive down 79th street and prove me wrong.

A comment I came across online says it best regarding the Kony 2012 street team:

“These so called activists rather deal with villains they can't see, and that are millions of miles away. Just some more solidification that hippies are moronic hypocrites.”

I think that asking the people who live in the neighborhoods that you decide to push your moral compass on would have been the respectful thing to do. After all that is one thing we all can agree on.


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