Can we all get along? Recent history says no

So it has been 20 years since the L.A. Riots, which stemmed from the acquittal from the Rodney King beating. At WVON on Friday, a taped interview with Rodney King was played over the air. Since King was beaten then these events have happened:

  • O.J Simpson (the ford bronco to civil suit)
  • Countless number of police brutality cases
  • The treatment of Arab-Americans after 9/11
  • The slow response to Hurricane Katrina
  • Racially charged language towards the sitting President
  • Trayvon Martin
  • A Black hockey player being racially lambasted on Twitter

I could name more events but I don’t want to sound redundant.

After President Obama was elected, people started to say that we live a post-racial society.” Due to the fact that the country elected a black president many thought that racism was going to put in the rear view mirror. No one I know is that naïve.

Racism is alive and well. We see it and we feel it whether it is at our jobs or anywhere else. Like most people, we want to be judged on our laurels alone. Too bad that is not the case.

Rodney King famously asked “ Can we all get along?” Well due to the aforementioned events..No Rodney! We can’t! The powers that be prefer it that way.


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  • Evan, it is so tiring to see the same stuff.

    Can we be factual here, at least in the area of crime. There is more black on white crime committed than white on black. Does this mean that most whites see this as a further widening of the racial divide? No.

    Individual who are racists will always exist --- of all races. Please do not tell me that there is no racism in the black community against whites or asians or others.

    What is exhausting to people of good faith everywhere is to constantly hear how bad they are. Sometimes the "racist radar" is over-tuned. When I get bad service at a restaurant, from a server of any color, I do not automatically think "racist" and lawsuits. Few people can criticize President Obama without the racist label being pulled out eventually. Flip that, and I suppose there was never a racist comment directed at GWB by people of color?

    I could go on as well, and it would not be redundant, because it is not the slant most of the media runs with. For instance, the supposed ill treatment of Arab-Americans after Sept 11. Are you kidding me? They are treated with kid gloves and are now among the special classes in an increasing divided society. There is more overall crime in the Arab community, but that is due to population increases, not percentages.

    OJ? Of course, he is not guilty. Puh-leeze!

    You neglect to mention all the Trayvon-related attacks by blacks on whites, one of the most notable being an old white guy in Toledo, OH, who was even wearing a shirt supporting Trayvon. These attacks are what....not happening because white folk are hard to see in the daylight?

    You are fanning the flames here. Un-necessarily, I believe.

  • Oh, and what about the white truck driver pulled from his truck right after the verdict and beaten nearly to death by an angry black mob?

    Hell, just another cracker getting what he deserves, I suppose?

    Why does the "getting along" have to be done by only one side, and then never to the other side's satisfaction?

    Questions asked, but never answered.

  • The main goal of this post was to say people don't really want to "get along." that means black people too. Those events I posted have divided people along racial lines so people will probably never see eye to eye on those things. About the POTUS, I had posted blogs on this site in the past about how people who aren't black perceive criticism of Obama.
    BTW I did a blog on black violence in the wake of Trayvon Martin. I just didn't post it on this site. Feel free to pass it along:

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