The Lord giveth...John Elway taketh away

@johnelway hey elway FUCK YOU. liar. Blind asshole. See the potential in tim. – A tweet sent to John Elway’s twitter account.

That tweet lets you know how far gone the Tebowmaniacs are. John Elway has now gotten the treatment that the rest of us got because we dared to speak against the Christ-like figure Tim Tebow. John Elway realized that despite the team’s (Special teams and Defense had more to do with it) record and playoff win he had to make a change at the quarterback position. Elway knew that Tebowmania had ran its course. He waited it out and saw that this could not go on into the upcoming season. So he seeked out future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.

During the football season I blogged about Tebow’s string of magic. My blog was retweeted by the Denver Post. Broncos’ fans from far and wide tried there best to lay into me for speaking against Tebow. One guy even said that Tebow was better quarterback than Jay Cutler and Cam Newton (I know! What an idiot!)

So I wonder what those people who ripped me have also ripped into John Elway. If so. The Denver Broncos have the most mentally unstable fan base I have ever seen. Since a large number of Broncos have already ripped into Elway, the greatest player in their team’s by the way. That says a lot about them.


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