I've been in Trayvon Martin's shoes don't knock it until you have tried

How does an armed neighborhood watch volunteer with an arrest record disregard a police dispatcher’s orders get into a scuffle with a 17 year old kid who he bigger than kill him and not be sitting to a jail cell?  To some this may be a hard question to answer. To a group of people who have been marginalized for as long as them can remember that question is easy to answer: racism, fear, and ignorance. I wont bore you with the details surrounding the death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.  I know what it is liked to be judged on appearance. I am a physically imposing African-American male. So I have had my share of being followed by people who felt like they operated under the guise of law enforcement. I am aware of people out there who believe otherwise. I ask those people this. Has the following ever happened to you?

  • Followed around by Security guards to every store you went to in a suburban mall
  • Asked if the car that you owned belonged to you
  • Soon as you walk into a store you quickly directed to the clearance section
  • When an alarm goes off in a department store everyone looks at you

Well all of these things have happened to me and someone I know. This is why this travesty resonates with people.  Most of us probably know what was going through that kid’s mind when George Zimmerman approached him. He was probably thinking, “Here we go again.” That is what most people who are singled out for race and religion say to themselves when something like this comes up.  Talking about race in a polarizing issue. You can read other Chicago Now blogs to see that racism or at least fear and ignorance is alive and well. That is a sad thing to say in this day age. Like everyone else, I want to be judged only by my merits not by someone’s preconceived notions.



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  • It would be nice to be judged by merits and actions; that is why many white people take offense at being lumped in with a small amount of the population that are racists. But few see past the color of skin. It works both ways.

    What I want to know is, why is Trayvon's life worth more than the little girl who was killed on her porch last week? She was killed not by a neighborhood watch guy with a gun, but one of the black killers who have free range to terrorize over the neighborhood.

    On the way to a friend's funeral in Barrington, I was pulled over in that burb, in a cul-du-sac, for no good reason. The cop didn't even make one up. He looked at the older car I was driving and asked what I was doing in the neighborhood. Truth was, I was lost. Having been pulled over many times while driving I had my hands out the window. No ticket; no nothing. I just "didn't belong".

    Do not think you are the only one who knows the drill. But my story has no cred, because I am...what?

    Where is the bounty on bringing the street crap in who killed the little girl? Where is Jesse Jackson, race pimp? Where are the people rallying for this little girl? Why does the media forget that black life?
    Why? Because they do not care about any lives. They care about the stir up. Same with the race pimps.

  • Thanks again for reading Richard. Social media definitely made this story grow less and also people like me who have been in that situation. I hear what you are saying but I am aware about the little girl in Little Village.

  • An interesting story you won't hear about. I guess his Treyvon T did not stop him from being profiled....


    Not once does the story mention the race of the alleged assaulters. Why is that?

    It is so tiring to have a one way discussion going on.

    It's so tiring to be a Rope-A-Dope Nation, taken to the ropes by the race baiters, including politicians from the very top to the very bottom.

  • sometimes truly racist stuff happens and when it does due to past race baiting some don't want to believe.

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