"The Hog with the big nuts" is one of the city's last patronage kings

That video from three years ago says it all…

"The master of the back-room deals," "an alderman's alderman, and my personal favorite “The hog with the big nuts.” All of things that Cook County commissioner William Beavers calls himself. Beavers was indicted last week on four federal charges alleging he filed false tax returns and "endeavoring to obstruct and impede" the Internal Revenue Service.

Of course in typical William Beavers fashion, he answers the allegation in the best way he knew how:  “How do I know? I don’t know. I don’t even know John Daley that well. I told them I’m too old to be a stool pigeon. Shit. And when I’m ready to confess, I’ll go to confession — that’s what I told them. I have an attorney.”

The indictment states that Beavers took his $1,200 monthly allowance as a Cook County Commissioner, used it for personal purposes, and didn't list it as income on his taxes from December 2006 through "at least" December 2008 read it here.

William Beavers is one of the last patronage kings Chicago has left. I used to joke that The “Ronin Gibbons” character from the short-lived television show Chicago Code was based on Beavers. The similarities are eerily similar (both wore, tailored suits, handed out city jobs like candy, etc.). Also word has it that Beavers will get the same judge that Rod Blagojevich had (not good). My dad used to tell me that he would see Beavers gambling at the Horseshoe Casino. I hope he wasn’t gambling on the taxpayers’ dime.



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  • On your last sentence, allegedly he was.

    The thing that hits me is that if we are to believe that he knew better and has his receipts, and knew that the feds were after him, anyone else would have gone to the IRS 3 years ago and say "I goofed up; can we work out a payment plan?" Instead he goes full Blago with the "going after John Daley stuff" the same as Blago's "why didn't they arrest JJJr.?" Might make a few points with the press, but legally irrelevant. Nonetheless, the Hog apparently had enough money to hire the Adam family, even though they couldn't afford to work pro bono for Blago in the second trial.

    Others have said that Beavers is drawing his city employee and city counsel pensions, so it goes over the top to have to misappropriate his county commissioner office allowance.

    The federal courts have a random assignment system, so it is strange that Zagel popped up again, but Adam should be able to figure out that the judge won't take the same efforts to invite error that he tried the last time.

    Also, I'll be that Beavers, while being old school, isn't the last patronage king nor the last politician indicted around here.

  • Thanks for reading. Also I said he was ONE of the last..not THE last.

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