It's time for animal rights activists to put up or shut up

An exchange I had on my polarizing blog entry Why most African-Americans could care less about animal rights:

Animal rights activist:

“I just hope that all the poor starving dogs with chains embedded into the flesh around their necks and all the cats facing the neighborhood halloween abuses and deaths find a way out of your neighborhood so 'we', the people whose image is so repulsive, can help them before someone else uses the lame 'image' excuse? I'm sure religion has a lot to do with it also since anything non-human in the bible is fit only for sacrifice and labor which IS what is taught in the african-american community?”


“I would like ' you' people to come into these neighborhoods and venture south of Roosevelt and change the culture. Change the thinking.”

Animal rights activist:

“I'm afriad that the culture and thinking will never change. There are too many churches and politicians in their neighborhoods to keep them poor and unable to think on their own - unfortunately? “

Yesterday in the South Shore neighborhood, a man was jogging in Rainbow beach when he was attacked by two stray pit bulls. People who live in the neighborhood think that these dogs were let go by someone who training these dogs to fight. This man being mauled by these two dogs hit home for me. I grew up in South Shore and I frequented Rainbow Beach up until my teenage years. Also my father walks and jogs on the bike path on South Shore drive.

I tried to explain to people about animal rights in a previous blog, people who claimed to be animal rights activists shot me down. So I explained to them that dog fighting is not looked down upon. Obviously it should be but it’s not.  Maybe if these people were focused on prevention (meeting with groups within the inner-city) instead of finger pointing, what happened to that man probably would not have happened.

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    What a moronic blog. Chicago Now needs to shut this down.

  • In reply to Just Win:

    So someone being mauled by two dogs that probably trained to do so is moronic. Thank you for reading! and they wont take this down. They like me here.

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    While Evan Moore is an imbecile, I personally love him (non-queer love of course).

    Plus he looks like my 5th grade football coach when we won the county title.

  • In reply to gwill:

    ha ha ha. Did you read this entry? seriously!

  • I have noticed as a sout-sider, that most rabid animal rights people live in neighborhoods where the biggest problem with dogs is whether "Fluffy" will have her (or his) nails painted nicely, and, if not, where the closest doggy shrink is located.

  • roscoe village is known for that. so is wicker park.

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