Air Jordan's and high amounts of foolishness

Last week, I was driving downtown on my way to pick up my wife from work when I noticed a line that wrapped around the corner. I said to myself  “ What was the big commotion?” Later on, my sister-in-law informed me that the Air Jordan’s were being re-released.

Growing up in the 90’s, I remember having the new “Mike’s” as we called them was pretty big. Kids would skip school just to make sure that they were the first kids at school to have them. But in this day and age, a multi-national corporation like Nike will not ever stop selling these shoes. This is not back in the 90’s there are several websites out there will sell any shoe ever made. So there is no reason to stand in line for hours wasting your time.

We also know that the buzz generated from Air Jordan’s brought about high levels of foolishness. As someone who was formerly a sneaker head (I’m married now), I completely understand how much someone wants to have nice shoes. But being involved in foolishness just to have the new Jordan’s says more about you than anything else.

According to here is a roundup of Air Jordan related foolishness:

In Richmond, Calif.: "At the Hilltop Mall in the city of Richmond, shots rang out at around 6 a.m. An estimated three thousand were in line waiting for the new Nike's new Air Jordan 11 Retro Concords. (The shoes, it seems, appreciate in value.) That's when someone fired a gun into the air. According to KRON 4 Morning News, no one was hurt and a suspect is in custody." [SFist]

In Atlanta, Ga.: "Police had to smash the windows of a car to get two toddlers out after a woman had left them there to go buy the shoes. She was taken into custody when she returned, according to the AP." [ABC]

In Lithonia, Ga.: " least four people were arrested early Friday at a mall after a crowd of customers broke down a door at a store selling the Air Jordan’s before it opened. DeKalb County police told Fox 5 Atlanta that up to 20 squad cars responded. Officers said they escorted most of the people outside but took four into custody." [AP]

In Pembroke Pines, Fla.: "At about 2 a.m. Friday, customers said police pepper sprayed a crowd of people waiting in the front of the line at the Foot Locker at Pembroke Pines mall. 'They're pepper-spraying people, pushing people on the ground, everything,' said one customer. 'It's crazy up there.'" Another customer said police had pepper-sprayed "a little girl." [WSVN]

In Charlotte, N.C.: "Police and Medic were called to three Charlotte-area malls before daybreak Friday, after shoppers seeking Air Jordan shoes became unruly. No injuries were reported, but at least one fight broke out, and a door was damaged at a mall." [Charlotte Observer]

In Annapolis, Md.: "A shopper at Westfield Annapolis mall received minor injuries in an altercation this morning, county firefighters said. Shortly after the mall opened, firefighters were called to transport a person who had been injured, apparently while involved in a dispute over a new Jordan sneaker that went on sale this morning..." [Maryland Gazette]

In Indianapolis, Ind.: "Impatient shoppers tore a door off its hinges at Lafayette Square... 'The door broke and was hanging by a hinge and people were squeezing in anyway,' Asia Coates said. 'People were falling down.'" [Indy Star]

In Seattle, Wash.: "Police used pepper spray on about 20 people at a mall near Seattle..." [AP]

In Burlington Township, N.J.: "Burlington Township police confirmed to Fox 29 that a stampede happened after 8 a.m. at the Burlington Center Mall on Mount Holly Road. Several people were hurt as the crowd tried to get the limited-release sneakers." [Fox Philly]

In Sturbridge, Mass.: "A Milford man stopped for speeding on Interstate 84 was traveling with a .38-caliber revolver and ammunition concealed in a pair of Nikes, police said... Poking out of one of the sneakers, the trooper saw what he believed to be the butt of a revolver. The trooper withdrew the weapon from the shoe, and observed that it was a D&R Model 925 five-shot .38-caliber revolver, according to the police report. In the other shoe, the trooper located 10 rounds of 38-caliber ammunition in a small plastic bag, the police report states. [Worcester Telegram]

In Louisville, Ky.: "The rush to get the latest re-release of Air Jordan sneakers ended in a huge brawl at this Kentucky mall early this morning. Local news station W-D-R-B reports up to 100 people were involved in the fight at this Louisville mall." [KTVQ]

In Austin, Tex.: "At least three people were injured at area stores overnight as crowds gathered to be among the first to buy Nike shoes that went on sale early this morning... Emergency crews treated an adult and a 14-year-old who suffered assault-like injuries." [Statesman]

In Detroit, Mich.: "The release of the much anticipated Nike Air Jordan XI Concord lead to an early morning riot at Southland Mall and resulted in the arrest of a 21-year-old Detroit man who is accused of inciting a riot. Taylor police said Southland Mall security called police for assistance at around 5:30 a.m. this morning when a large crowd of about 300 people were lined up outside. The mall, located in Taylor, was not scheduled to open until 8 a.m." [Detroit Free Press]

In Jersey City, N.J.: "A 20-year-old Jersey City man was stabbed seven times last night during a fight among several of the 300 holiday shoppers lined up to buy the coveted Nike Air Jordan XI Concord sneakers at the Newport Centre Mall, police said. The Duncan Avenue man, attacked at about 10:19 p.m., suffered non-life-threatening wounds, police said." [Jersey Journal]

In Ironyland: "One girl said she lost her shoes in the midst of all the pushing and shoving." [Charlotte Observer]

Not good folks!! We can do a hell of a lot better than this!!

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