Immigration: America’s dirty little secret

Immigration. Other than politics and religion, this topic is extremely explosive. Your hear people say stuff like the following:
“They’re taking our jobs.”
“This is America! Speak English!”
“We do the jobs they don’t want to do.”
“Americans are lazy.”

People on both sides of this debate can agree on the fact that something needs to be done one way or another. In recent years many ideas have been floated around. InArizona, the idea they came up with won't work because you can’t pull over everyone who looks “illegal.” If that’s the case, my fiancée shouldn’t ever go to Arizona because she would get pulled over immediately. Also people who are against it love to say “Kick ‘em out.” Even if we wanted to do that wouldn’t our government would have done that already. We don’t have the money, manpower, and resources to so. And think of all the civil rights of actual citizens that would be violated. You know that’s going to happen.Probably already has.

 I have a solution I think everyone can get with. Make them all citizens. The catch is that they have to pay back taxes for every year they have been living here illegally. This would help a lot of people come out from the shadows and also stimulate the economy. You ask yourself why hasn’t this happened before. History and research tells us that everyone involved benefits from the status quo. Business owners know that if someone illegal works for them they can’t really bitch at them since they are here illegally. So things will keep on being what they are until someone on both sides recognizes that things need to change.

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    Dear Mr. Moore,
    I like the way you think. As far as the facts go, most illegals pay payroll taxes. If they are working for a real company that files taxes, they have a social security number. Sometimes these numbers are made up, sometimes they are being used by a different person other than the owner. Otherwise how would corporations not have to pay taxes on what looks like profit? Corporate profit taxes are much higher than payroll taxes. Also the government is profiting. They know these fake social security numbers are in use. They keep the monies contributed by the actual illegal and the the government keeps the employer contributed taxes as well. Kick em out! No way. Our government makes a lot of money off these people and they never have to give them benefits.

  • Like I said everyone benefits from the status quo.

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