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Hiring an Attorney: Looking for honesty and communication to avoid costly surprises

Divorce litigation can be expensive!
Divorce litigation can be very expensive when the issues are complex and the parties are far from agreeing on what happens with children, incomes, assets, and so forth. When clients do not pay their attorney’s fees, the client suffers if the attorney withdraws from their case. Often that client has to hire a new attorney... Read more »

Innovative Lawyering: Nicole Sartori introduces The Fox Valley Law Center located in a mall!

Clients often fear lawyers. Why? Legal matters affecting our lives cause stress. When stressed clients hire lawyers, they rely on them to resolve their issues. Attorneys often agree that clients nod and say they understand the process and relationship, when the reality may be that a client does not want to seem uneducated and overwhelmed... Read more »

Lawyers Not Returning Calls: Lee Marinaccio says be proactive and prevent communication breakdowns to avoid injury to the attorney-client relationship.

I may know why your lawyer is not calling you back: poor communication practices. Working in, around, and writing about the legal industry, I learned more about motivation and perception in attorney-client relationships. Breakdowns in communication lead to misunderstandings. Upset clients and attorneys both make matters worse when they act on emotion instead of logic.... Read more »