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Facebook Graph Search: How to protect your privacy and manage content issues

I do not have the Graph Search feature yet, but when I do, I will start searching my own page to locate content I want to highlight or delete.
Do not be alarmed when you hear about the new Facebook Graph Search feature. Today Graph Search is available in a very limited beta release. When you see reports in the news about Graph Search, look for comparisons with Google to appreciate the similarities. Like Google, you will be able to type a search to... Read more »

Still single: Loving the holidays before it gets crazy

I just turned 37 this month and the pressure is on! If I want to get married and have kids soon there is no time like the present to start looking for a wife and future mother of my beautiful children. In the meantime, I have enjoyed being single and the benefits this age allows.... Read more »

School Shooters: Should policy impact media mention of gunman names?

While covering the massacre, several media outlets elected not to mention the name of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooter. Victims in Newtown, Connecticut were the focus of most of the stories in ongoing coverage of the event. Should or can the media be prevented, as a matter of law or policy, from highlighting the names... Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving: Nancy Mynard on whether your kids are on drugs and what you can do and comments from Dr. Leah Jackman-Wheitner

Think your son or daughter couldn’t die from a drug overdose this holiday season? Are you stupid or just have your head buried in the sand? The National Institute on Drug Abuse statistics indicate that after marijuana, prescription and over-the-counter medications account for most commonly abused drugs among high school seniors.[i] Good kids – bright... Read more »