Ferris Lawyer's Day Off

Last year I persuaded my mother to take a “Ferris Bueller” day with me. It was great! We had lunch at the Mid America Club, toured the Chicago Cultural Center and marveled at the stone blocks from all over the world in the foundation of the Tribune Tower. Life does move pretty fast, and I had almost missed some of those gems.

Anyone who has experienced family law, from either side of the table, knows how overwhelming life can get. I am strong enough to tell you I was a recent victim of trauma, and I took a few “Ferris” days. The outpouring of support from family and friends reminded me of the kid in the hallway of Shermer H.S. who was collecting donations to save Ferris Bueller. I picked the right movie to watch at the right time.

A colleague and friend from John Marshall liked my post about Ferris Bueller on Facebook and he gave me the idea to call clients and friends to solicit some ideas on what a Ferris Lawyer’s Day Off might be like. I really had fun receiving the e-mail responses and knowing there are plenty of people out there who sometimes need to skip school or work and take a day off to explore and have fun.

I asked the respondents to answer two questions: (1) If you were going take a day off, what would you tell people at work or clients, if anything? (2) Where would you go and what would you do on your day off?

Enjoy the responses. I will continue updating them as they roll in. Thank you everyone!

1)      I have a very important off-site meeting with Mr. Froman and will be out of the office all day. My Fraternity Brother in Washington DC

2)      Went to the 2pm Symphony when supposed to be doing document review. Law School Professor in Chicago

3)      This past July I got out of court early.  I had expected to be in an all day hearing in the federal building downtown.  The case settled, leaving the rest of the day wide open.  My son was in town from LA.  I called him immediately after court. We went to a Cubs/Reds game at Wrigley Field.  A sunny afternoon, warm beer, cold dogs and a mediocre ball team—what more could a lawyer seek on an unexpected day off?  After several Reds unearned runs and several more infield errors by the Cubs, Ben and I left the ballpark, went to an early dinner at an Italian joint and I went home.  Looking forward to my next Ferris Lawyer Day.  Attorney Friend in Waukegan

4)      Funny, I get cornered by friends that instigate and are persistent. I tend to always be juggling responsibility in very tight spaces at work where sizable groups of people depend on me and "personal time" is often not taken well so I never say "I want to do ....," verses I have a commitment and need to be out of town."  And, some time in the first year of the next job (fingers are crossed for good luck there will be one) - the friends want to celebrate me being employed and want to go to Paris for dinner or worst case scenario The Oak Room in NYC or Harry Denton's Starlight Room at the Sir Francis Drake in SF - though it may just be a nice little local restaurant - the friends are the important part. Attorney Friend in Cincinnati

5)      Vacation day. I will be working on the "Honey Do" List. Elmhurst College Outreach Administrator

6)      I would have the staff tell clients I am out of the office for the day and will return the next day. I don’t believe in white lies for clients. People understand that occasionally you are out of the office for one reason or another. For only one day, probably just stay at home, read, get lunch, do something with my two sons. Attorney Friend in Naperville

7)      I'm going to the track so I can pay off my loans. Attorney Friend in Northbrook

8)      If I tell them, I would have to kill them. I would get some sleep. Private Investigator Friend in (I just can’t say)

9)      I would be honest and say I am taking a day off for myself. Sometimes I spend the time at home doing whatever I want whenever I want. I also will have lunch with family members or friends. M.E. Business Coach in Naperville

10)    Not sure. (Nothing?) The spa – for a massage, maybe a facial, and body wrap (or other aromatherapy).  No hair cut or manicure that would be obvious the next day… IP Firm Recruiter in Chicago

11)    I’ll add more – send me yours at nick@augustinelegalpr.com!


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