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August's Scary Skinny List

After seeing one too many starving-actress-celebrities this summer, I have no choice but to bring back the Scary Skinny List. Why? Because someone needs to state the obvious, which is that these women look emaciated. And since their teeny tiny bodies have become the standard by which many of us measure ourselves, I’m going to be... Read more »

Mamas and Beauty: Why Do We Judge So Harshly?

Mamas and Beauty: Why Do We Judge So Harshly?
Do you remember high school homecoming games? I do. Every December, with the crisp smell of late autumn in the air, the past year’s graduating class would reunite at the football stadium, and I would head over to evaluate who among the gals had cut their hair (super cool) and who had gained the dreaded... Read more »

June’s Scary Skinny List

Summertime is upon us, and these Hollywood starlets have clearly spent way too much time getting ready for bathing suit season. Are you ready for June’s Scary Skinny List? As you know, I’m not trying to be snarky here. I’m just stating the obvious since no one else seems to want to: These gals are horribly,... Read more »

Did Mama Get Her Groove Back?

Did Mama Get Her Groove Back?
My self-imposed, 60-day Get Fit Challenge officially ended this week. Are you dying, or at least curious, to know how it went? Sure, I could toss out a simple answer, but what fun would that be? Instead, allow me to share a quick story about Memorial Day weekend with my little one. I promise that... Read more »

May's Scary Skinny List

I know it may seem a tad snarky to call these ladies out on their too slim figures. But let’s be honest: Many of us secretly and not so secretly wish we looked like them. With Dove campaigns featuring curvier women and Vogue banning underweight models, isn’t it time we all challenged the status quo?... Read more »