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Is Sheryl Sandberg's 'Ban Bossy' Campaign Bad for Boys?

Is Sheryl Sandberg's 'Ban Bossy' Campaign Bad for Boys?
After days of discussing, researching, arguing, reading and thinking about Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Ban Bossy’ campaign I have to admit, I’m exhausted. And confused, because the one question that keeps popping into my head is: what about the boys? Oh no. I’m not actually going to defend men here, am I? After all, men are responsible for building... Read more »

Your Nanny Lets Your Kid Eat Dirt: Facebook & The Mommy Wars

For better or worse, I’m on Facebook a lot throughout the day. And while I’m no social scientist, I’ve noticed that ever since Sheryl Sandberg’s book came out, many women I know, love and admire are engaging in keyboard-to-keyboard Mommy War combat. Here are two typical conversations: Convo #1 Convo #2 As I observe battles like... Read more »

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Needs to Get Over Herself

In a few short weeks, lucky women all across America will get to hear one of the top businesswomen of our era, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, tell us that not only are we failing in the workforce, but that it’s partly our own fault. Sandberg, who has been quoted as saying, “I always thought... Read more »