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Barbie's New Purpose: To Make Men Hot #unapologetic

Barbie, a doll that little girls (and boys) play with, is on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, all grown up and ready to give men boners. The companies behind the campaign, Mattel and Sports Illustrated, say the theme of the campaign is “unapologetic.” I call it a bucketful of sleaze. How did this... Read more »

Women Are Having Anal Sex for All the Wrong Reasons

Anna Breslaw, a sex editor for Cosmo, interviewed what she calls two “anal sex enthusiasts” in an online article that was published November 14, 2013. Here’s what these modern, empowered backdoor enthusiasts had to say about inserting a man’s erect penis into their teeny tiny anuses. “I usually only do it when drunk and if trying to... Read more »

Should Moms Write About Sex?

I’ve had some strange interactions lately. Whether it’s with a new acquaintance or even an old friend, everybody is acting funny towards me. I’ve been trimming my nose hairs on a regular basis, using a decent deodorant and not ranting about how Andy Cohen from BravoTV has single handedly taken women in this country back... Read more »

Where Have All the Blow Jobs Gone?

I’m lazing around Facebook this morning, avoiding all of the work I have to do, when suddenly I stumble into a serendipitous conversation with a gal pal about another type of labor, commonly referred to as the blow job. You remember giving head, right? It’s the activity you tolerated and perhaps even enjoyed early on... Read more »

Sex & Marriage: Are You a Withholder Too?

Sex & Marriage: Are You a Withholder Too?
Sex and marriage. It should go together like a horse and carriage, right? Not always, apparently. In the last couple of weeks, I notice that I’m kind of avoiding sex. Well, more than kind of. I’m definitely avoiding sex. In the time it takes to say “multiple orgasms,” I’ve gone from hot to trot to ‘Sorry,... Read more »

Wendy's Sex Challenge: Can You Do "It" 3 Times In A Week?

Wendy's Sex Challenge: Can You Do "It" 3 Times In A Week?
“I got my first vibrator when I was 17. I love the Lelo,” says a woman I’ve never met before. “Really? I haven’t tried that one yet,” I respond enthusiastically. “I’m still pretty new to the sex toy world.” This is just one of the very enjoyable exchanges I had while attending a networking dinner... Read more »

How to (not) talk dirty to your husband

My husband and I are in a really happy place lately. We’re not bickering a whole lot, not taking life’s stresses out on each other too much and have even ramped up the frequency of our lovemaking. So when we attended his cousin’s wedding this weekend, I found myself in high spirits. Taking my seat next to... Read more »

What It Takes To Be a Pop Star (if you're a woman)

Pink, who claims to be fighting the hyper-sexualization of women
Lately I’ve been wondering: do we judge male pop stars differently than female pop stars and, if so, how much does sex play into the equation? What I found really shocked me. Guys who take the stage these days tend to wear uber-fancy suits or comfortable, casual clothes. Women, on the other hand, are all... Read more »

Best Ways To Increase Libido Without Medication: The Female Viagra

According to an interesting article in the New York Times magazine this week called Unexcited? There May Be a Pill for That, Dutch inventor Adriaan Tuiten is well on his way to getting FDA approval for Lybrido, a drug designed to increase women’s sex drive. Apparently, this female version of Viagra will help gals who... Read more »

Good Vibrations That Keep on Coming

I’m about to raise a very “touchy” subject. If you don’t like subjects that are touchy, the kind of touch one does to herself or another person does to her, go away. Go away right now and never again wonder about the pleasure your body is not enjoying. This is a public service announcement about a battery-operated device... Read more »