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Best 4 Excuses, I Mean Reasons, to Get Out of Sex With Your Spouse

Do you remember those hot and steamy nights before marriage and parenthood, when you’d count the seconds before your next romp in the sack? At meetings during the day, you’d smile politely and pretend to follow the conversation as your mind flickered back to the pleasures you’d enjoyed the evening before. Dinners, movies and even... Read more »

Orgasms in a Box, Batteries Included.

Moms, it’s time we talked about the crisis in our lives. No, it’s not the one happening in our schools. It’s taking place right at home, in our very own bedrooms, and it requires a swift course of action. The predicament? Our sex lives suck, and not in the good way.  The solution? Bedroom Chemist, a sexy... Read more »