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FYI, Kimberly Hall: Those Girls Are a Reflection of You and Me

On Friday, I vowed to myself that I would no longer waste my time engaging in useless debates on Facebook. That vow was promptly broken yesterday after reading a post titled “FYI (if you’re a teenage girl)” by Kimberly Hall, Director of Women’s Ministry at a Presbyterian Church in Texas. In this short piece that set the... Read more »

What It Takes To Be a Pop Star (if you're a woman)

Pink, who claims to be fighting the hyper-sexualization of women
Lately I’ve been wondering: do we judge male pop stars differently than female pop stars and, if so, how much does sex play into the equation? What I found really shocked me. Guys who take the stage these days tend to wear uber-fancy suits or comfortable, casual clothes. Women, on the other hand, are all... Read more »