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Does My Kid Love Her Grandparents More Than Me?

Last Saturday, I leaned over gently and gave my daughter a kiss as she got settled into her booster seat, which hubby had installed in my in-law’s car a few minutes earlier. She was leaving to spend a week with her grandparents in another state, and this would be the first time I’d ever been... Read more »

Are You Raising a Good Girl Or a Badass, And Which Is Better?

Finally! After weeks of trying to coordinate, I was about to Skype with one of my best pals. She lives in New York, I’m in Chicago and I’ve been missing her tons these days. I couldn’t wait to catch up, even though I was a little concerned about our kids being around while we chatted.... Read more »

Whole Foods Is An Organic 7-Eleven

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately at a big Whole Foods not too far from my apartment here in Chicago. It’s got a cozy atmosphere, yummy black tea, and Wifi decent enough to set me up for a productive work day. Yesterday, I arrived a few minutes early for a meeting in their... Read more »

Reigning in the Praise: The Case for Average

Reigning in the Praise: The Case for Average
Two days ago, my daughter and I went to the park with a ball the size of the ones we used to wing at each other during those dreaded games of dodge ball in junior high school. After kicking it around for a few minutes, we started an impromptu game of catch. Standing a few feet away... Read more »