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Chicago Author & Playwright Keely Flynn Talks About Life Beyond the Picket Fence

I am so thrilled to share the Q&A I recently conducted with Chicago author and playwright, Keely Flynn. With a number of successful plays behind her and a book in the works, Keely is showing that yes, even married moms can rock the artistic world. See here how she compares buying a home to having a baby, why 20 and 30- somethings... Read more »

Does My Kid Love Her Grandparents More Than Me?

Last Saturday, I leaned over gently and gave my daughter a kiss as she got settled into her booster seat, which hubby had installed in my in-law’s car a few minutes earlier. She was leaving to spend a week with her grandparents in another state, and this would be the first time I’d ever been... Read more »

My Only Child Is Lonely and It's All My Fault

Last night it happened, the moment I’d been dreading for years. After dinner and before bedtime, my six-year-old daughter broke down crying and said to me, “When Dad comes home it feels like you two are together and I’m off on my own.” It felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. She’s my only... Read more »

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Needs to Get Over Herself

In a few short weeks, lucky women all across America will get to hear one of the top businesswomen of our era, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, tell us that not only are we failing in the workforce, but that it’s partly our own fault. Sandberg, who has been quoted as saying, “I always thought... Read more »

Bribing My Kid With Cash: Brilliant or Misguided?

Do you know how you sometimes make a decision about your kid and think – wow, this is either amazingly brilliant or I’m totally screwing this child up for the rest of her life? Well, that’s the situation I’m in now, and it all started with a piggy bank that digitally counts the amount of... Read more »

Moms, Sex and Our Libidos: Do We Have It All Wrong?

It’s been about a month since our last conversation about moms and sex. And in that time I’m sure you’ve been keeping up with our three times a week challenge and having the craziest, wildest, messiest sex of your life with your significant other. Ha. That was funny, right? Here’s what I’ve discovered in the last few... Read more »

Mom Confessions: I Feel Old

Mom Confessions: I Feel Old
I felt old yesterday, a rare occurrence, even though I’ll be turning 39 later this year. My clash with reality took place at Vidal Sassoon, where an absolutely stunning 22-year-old stood behind me with her hands resting gently on my shoulders, poised to give my raggedy hair a desperately needed trim. Dressed in a style I’ll call... Read more »

Best Advice EVER for CEO/Mom-to-Be Marissa Mayer

Best Advice EVER for CEO/Mom-to-Be Marissa Mayer
Hey Marissa, Congrats on the new gig at Yahoo and your pregnancy! I have to tell you, a lot people are saying you’re going to crack under the pressure of being the CEO of an ailing Fortune 500 company and a new mom. Haters. Follow my advice and you’ll be good to go. Pinky swear.... Read more »